Marcenby – Stronger Things & Silencio!

Because it’s weekend and we are feeling the need to get fit and healthy – we will be doing something really cheeky around here! What? Finger gymnastics! Look how bendy those fingers are… look at them go up and down the keyboard keys; so fit and muscular! … alright… hmm, but that’s not what we are here for… we are here for two very fun sportive sounding singles… They would be ideal material to bring you to the place where you could join others to hop around in front of a mirror and believe that you are putting your body in good shape again! Forget about yoga and meditation classes; let’s get physical again like the good old days! Let’s start with the most recently released one… hop hop fingers; let’s keep yourself busy typing!

Artist: Marcenby
Title: Stronger Things
Keywords: 80s electronic dark ambient drone experimental edm retrowave synthwave vaporwave witchwave Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

Stronger Things is like the ideal track for a group of rocky balboas in spandex. Just imagine a whole gym class full of rocky balboa look-a-likes (of various genders!) all doing gymnastics together. Jumping up and down, legs open and legs closed, arms in the air, arms like airplanes next to their waists and back up again…

…maybe they go for simultaneous high kicks, boxing their wrists against a boxing ball, running up and down the stairs like fit heroes ready for the final match of the century… whatever these sportive Rocky Balboa types will engage in, whatever they do; they will look all good as long as they do it in time with the perfect synth wave tune by Marcenby!

This was of course brilliant! But imagine that there was more of this excellent material to get your body (or that of the rocky balboas) nice and sweaty with! Well, the back catalogue of Girly Girl Musik got us sorted! Because there it is… another great single from the same musician who gave us Stronger Things!

Artist: Marcenby
Title: Silencio!
Keywords: 80s electronic dark ambient drone experimental edm retrowave synthwave vaporwave witchwave Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

Yep, this one is for all of us that want to travel instantly to an authentic aerobic class and get all nice and sweaty. All the Rocky Balboa look-a-likes could of course come as well, as long as they keep enough space for the other prominent big hairdos of the big eighties kind.

Leg warmers, head bands, sweat wrist bands; all will add extra to the upbeat energy of this sportive sound that would make us instantly working out as if life depended on it. Who cares about yoga if we could all team up in our right minds and go for the instant workout on this wonderful energiser of an tune! Good times are here to stay so let’s jump up and down and move as if it’s yesteryear!

Okay my fingers are going to chill out in the sauna now.. see you later!

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