tendencyitis – microdebris

Artist: tendencyitis
Title: microdebris
Keywords: experimental dirge drone feedback improvisation noise toronto London
Label: dubbed tapes

It’s always a surprise what experimentalists and their labels have been cooking up for us – the general public, consumer and all around interested listeners. You can’t imagine how curious and excited I was when I saw that Dubbed tapes had released a dubbed tape with the experimental music by tendencyitis. It immediately means that you will have a wild ride as all expectations could be left out at the front door… the last tape that we discussed from the label was full of energetic pinky vibes and the last release we chatted about by tendencyitis was danceable rhythmic chop chip style! What will happen now when two unpredictable output creators come together? The only way to find out is by getting the tape and play the content in your ears.. or read a little bit about it over here I guess…

I promise you that hearing it is much better than a semi textual version, but hey; we are no pirates and this is the least we could do to share the content of this nice tape to you! First of all it will give us the totally unexpected ‘tremble dance’ which might get you off guard as it doesn’t at all come across as your average dancing music. In fact I could only imagine either some kind of experimental ballet group twisting their elegant gracious bodies on it in style, or some kind of fairies that balance pirouettes on the leaves of a tree that stands awake on a early morning.. it’s very light and yet intense, quietly like a miracle that if you blink too much will have paraded by your eyes and ears without really registering what a beauty just has been played.

After this it’s a work named ‘disposition’ which really made me feel funny & I hope somehow that it would make you feel funny inside too! You know that tingling feeling of when you are preparing the balloons for someone’s birthday and you blow in the air and let it slip out as you stretch the balloon entrance with your fingers? It creates a tingling feeling and a silly joyous sound… it’s a bit like that happening what tendencyitis had been recreating here. Of course it is much more fun than the balloon thing and also much more creative; the artist plays with these sounds as if it’s an arrangement of balloon made bagpipes. It somehow really gets me into a fun and celebrating zone & I imagine that playing this track while blowing up balloons will even get a extra joyful rush going on! So much fun!

Of course the fun must continue and luckily (even though tendencyitis is entirely unpredictable!) the artist must have agreed that as well. The next track ‘proven benefits of walking backwards’ is semi continuous of the joyful effective sound of the disposition track. But it does get a bit more intense – but that is understandable as walking backwards is not an easy thing to do and costs quite a lot of attention if you want to do it correctly & avoid falling over or getting hit by an unsuspected car. I saw once a Jewish man walking backwards through the city and it was like a mind fuck to see – as if there was a glitch in the day of normal happenings – this work by tendencyitis could really envision that moment of wtf with great intensity and sheer detail.

After that there is the sound of ‘unreversal’ which feels like the utterly warm pleasant sound of a perfect tea kettle. Blowing its horn and filling up the room with delicious smelling homely smoke. It’s like a horn of love, with imaginary aroma of homeliness going into your ears and mind, warming up that coY feeling inside like a good friend that cares for you. tendencyitis simply got it all right over here! The ending on the release comes in (as expected) as unexpected as possible. Offering a whirlpool of crackling crackles to fuzz and shivery spice things up. It’s a delicate case of micro debris that gets settled out over time and space to give the feeling of something nice shuddering in a frying pan. So tasty and so aromatic this release had become; nobody could have known but it for sure is a true pleasure to hear and find out! Get one of these few left over taped from this very fine label and get surprised by these quality sounds:

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