Gelbart – EGGLIKE

Artist: Gelbart
keywords: electronic electronica experimantal lo-fi bass clarinet book electronica flame talking synth sci-fi Berlin

Hi there! Welcome back at our humble blog. Today we have some really lovely music for you. It’s made by a nice novelist who wanted to send us a book to review, because apparently the book writers are horrible and music writers are nice.. not our own words but the ones written by the author / musician. Great to see that Gelbart is reaching out to both worlds by releasing his book with this lovely sounding 7inch vinyl record. I had no time to respond in order to find a way to read this book in person, but it’s presumable about aliens, cat robots and pyramids… for the days of this write up / review I will forget all the given information and just tell you what the music makes me think and feel. Basically writing my own little online novel over here… probably not as good, but hey, if you need a descent written story you should get the one that Gelbart wrote & not be stuck here reading nifty notes by a music loving lunatic. So here it goes:

A little bit of egg yolk in the music way. Sometimes that’s all we need and all we want. I’m not sure if Gelbart’s EGGLIKE should be seen as egg yolk music, but it does come across as the kind of music that would be a suitable breakfast for a strong gutted personality with a hippy mind and a affordable bow tie . It is seemingly inspired (or made simultaneously) by an novel also penned up by the artist who made this music. Music wise It has that easy going beginning, something that is gently preparing the stomach for a full on breakfast of champions style. It easily comes across as an morning in which chilled out Hollywood jazz had made love with postal stamps enriched with drops of LSD. Tongues will be licking these lips of music enthusiastically, especially as big horns give the entrance a rich and posh kind of texture. It’s as if we are undercover among the one percent in rich-land while absolutely being out of our heads and slightly bonkers. … it makes you wonder what the novel is all about!

Around the two minutes mark the real material starts to roll in. Experimental noises are highly creaking out as if they are deliberately deranged to give the drum rolls and avant-garde jazzy piano twinkle, a good reason to bring in the rich sounding horn section for a vegas style show-ballet in which tripped out music lovers with an explicit good taste have lovingly lost their mind & have now gone astray into a psychedelic lunacy sone in which they could walk on air, through walls and touch the music with their bare hands. Embracing the tones, hugging them as if they had been made by Jimi Tenor while being explicitly far off his tits for an excellent wonder among musical wanderings.

At the end we flow around on a desert made out of classy vibes and a poetic poem of the slightly nonsensical kind, it’s been read out loud by an enigmatic robotic voice that has probably more heart than the casual human being at an open mic night. Apparently EGGLIKE is an novel of 276 pages and this music is the soundtrack of it all. It makes me incredible curious what the story is all about but I suspect it’s one about quality drugs, exclusive partying in which robots have replaced charming entertainers and the psychedelics are only reserved for the upper class VIP in saucy back room lounges. It’s Interesting music that inspires to read, but also fills you up as a standalone – as if you have downed a excellent elite breakfast of slight heart warming insanity. The egg-like music on this seven inch comes at you as if it is made with an acquired retro tastiness but also comes across as one that has a distinguished fancy wealthy taste. It would probably be even better when you have the novel in hand and read what it’s all about, just to contain your own imagination from floating abroad when hearing this entertaining musical shorty:


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