Pete Um – AS YOU ARE

Artist: Pete Um
Keywords: experimental electronic gnostic rock Cambridge

The weird side of music seems like a small but interesting niche. A part of music makers that most people will never find out about and others seem to swim in as if it’s their natural habitat. It’s a strange thing, an odd scene of poetic clowns, tormented artists who live life with their hearts on their sleeves and probably have silly hats on. Sometimes it’s as if it’s inhabitants are in some kind of contest of who is the weirdest? Will it be the girl who sings about frozen fish? Will it be the man who sings about golden noses? Will it be the woman who raps in the out of tune ways? The man who reads out graffiti while he walks around with a dictaphone? The freak that whistles on other people’s noses? Or perhaps will it be Pete Um?

Who knows? I certainly can’t seem to find a number one in all of them as all of them have their special specifics, their ups and downs and specialities. Still I have something to peel with the music and songs by Pete Um; it’s strange and bizarre, poetic and cuckoo yet I find it all crazily well thought out and organised. It’s a striking thing as most artists in the eccentric levels of music making are of a high D.I.Y. Origin, some are tone deaf, others don’t really care about the quality and just hit that record button as if it’s nothing… but Pete Um? I don’t think so! It feels as if his album has been made with ultra care, everything has been arranged to perfect perfection; nothing is left to chance…

Well, I’m not completely familiar with the earlier works of Pete Um, but the latest long player of this artist doesn’t come across as a spontaneous event in the playground, but a well directed case of sane insanity. There are tones of experiment, electric music that probably doesn’t sit well with the people into the Britney Spears of this world, the kind of eclectic material with songs and singing that feels dipped into the sound allure of excellent eccentrics in thought out and well played executional forms.

It’s fun for sure, definitely more lovable material than any of the material that you would normally hear on the commercial radio. The Hit song on the album ‘Real rock and roll’ should deserve its right to be played all over these stations, as it would flourish brightly and cheer up any of their listeners days into a good one. There is a high need for music like this, material with an attitude that doesn’t take itself too seriously text wise and yet sounds absolutely serious at the same time; I know that sounds weird and bizarre but it’s the kind of album that feels as if it’s weird to be weird. As if weird is the best pony from the stable and Pete Um is riding it like a professional.

Who can blame Pete Um? Following the traditional rules is boring, being another sing and song writer with a banjo and a microphone who records songs on a potato a chewed out concept anyone should have encountered at least a zillion times; but the choice of fun sounding electronics to express these songs that are utterly personal & have the freedom to sound in any form that Pete Um wanted them to sound is refreshing and finely relieving.

I can only cheer this music on, as this album filled with 19 tracks go by like an exciting flow that goes quick and entertains without a single moment of boredom along its way. And yes the calculatedness and clearly hearing the time being spend on it to make it what it is, the excellent musicianship and care that had been put into it is what makes this album stand out from other weirdo projects out there… but that doesn’t make it less weird; in fact that whole perfectionism that rules these fun tunes is actually the weirdest thing of all!
You will have no reason not to like what you will hear over here:

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