Xqui – Lleisiau

Artist: Xqui
Title: Lleisiau
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

A moody voice who is normally hired to do the vocals at hardcore gabber parties comes at us to introduce the experience of a brand new Xqui album. Considering it’s tight schedule, you can be guaranteed that this album must be one of the voice it’s favourites to be featured on. It doesn’t come as a surprise as hearing it, we could clearly feel that it’s a work that is filled with temptations in which even a devilish legend could easily seduced by.

In fact the track named Monatonic must be the chill out place in which the owner of the voice feels absolutely at home in. Sure it’s no gabber music, but it has that dark emotive realm going on that you’d think that a creature like that would feel pleasantly relaxed in. It’s dark, it’s grim and yet it feels as if it’s the VIP room in which everything is chilled and you are ready to be served at a wink of an develiish eye.

It goes well with the sound of Pharynx, which is the kind of recording that comes across as if it had been taken from a communal bathroom, one that had been specially made for demonic creatures on their days off. You could hear the water taps flow, the iron urinoirs and the unholy sounds of dark clothed worshipping priests on the internal speakers. Anything to please these creatures and give them the best service they had ever experienced. Of course they also do very well in heat, making them feel at home, as if they are all back in hell for a frolic event in the burning flames. Here on this album the flames of heat might be more watery than expected; but considering that this would help prevent intervention from the local fire brigade, it seems to be the best option to provide without having the whole release accidentally go up in a intense fire.

Of course there must be a Sheikh on board, clearly overseeing the backstage happenings, for service and to make sure all is pleasant for your (and their) stay. The Sheikh is accompanied by the sounds of prayer, making the person come across like a safe and stable gatekeeper of the doors that provide a quick passage between heaven and hell. How handy! Also handy is the elite sounding porcelain that has been brought out for this special occasion of first class treatment.

With experiences like this it doesn’t come as a surprise that we will halfway hear the legendary voice being reduced to a small snippet of its grand stage persona; so relaxed and so pampered by the world class VIP arrangement that Xqui had prepared over here.. The voice sounds severely impressed and completely chilled out as it gives into the opportunity to do a small speech of pure appreciation. How nice!

Of course this might be the ideal moment for snails to slide into the scene as there is simply nothing better than afresh snail to munch upon. Nothing speaks better than slippery snails that voluntarily slip into your mouth and ears for a five star deluxe treatment. After the luxurious food it’s time for a quick musical desert named Aaaah. It’s clearly coming from a good year and falls as easy over the tongue as it goes down the ears. It’s the kind of flavour that makes you want to say aaah out of happy refreshment.

To chill out even more the VIP room is equipped with an ATM machine, one on which the wealthy voices could check their wealth and mildly laugh about it. Just seeing their fortune grow from their many appearances is coming across as more satisfying than a massage with a happy ending… all in all a strange but luxurious honourable experience this release by Xqui; a real peek into the high society life of important vocal deities!

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