Rraouhhh! – RELAX

Artist: Rraouhhh!
Title: RELAX
Keywords: electronic new disco wave dance sludge synth Brussels

The extremely popular Rraouhhh! Who didn’t hear of them? More legendary than the Beatles and more striking than any punk rocker dug up from the history books. If you had been brain dead for most of your life, there might have been a chance that you missed out on them. Evil empires like the big style wankers in the global media are of course blanking them, clearly knowing that they are dangerous enough to break the system that they hold up into multiple pieces. They can’t talk or promote a band that might execute its listeners by sheer excellence; no money would be able to be made! Unless perhaps if they own stock in the funeral caretaker business… they probably have many more reasons to fear the powerful power that the unstoppable Rraouhhh has.

Even in relax mode they move mountains, break windows and provide free hangovers without drinking a single drop of alcohol. They bang on unforgivingly, hit their microphone stand in order to word bomb their listeners. It’s probably safer putting your fingers into a electric socket than physically dancing on the wall of hard headed music that this band is so well known for. The media might not mention them but the act of word of mouth advertising might be ancient, it also bloody well works when it comes to promote outstandingly dangerous music.

Rumour has it that they will be popping up this Saturday at the legendary gifgrond party. A special event that celebrates and says goodbye to their barman Arie, who is well known for disliking noise. It’s as if Gifgrond wanted to make sure the barman would be able to go out with a final bang & give the good man a reasonable reason to go and enjoy his pension with enough buzz into his ears. That is if the good man will survive this band of course…

It’s not that Rraouhhh is noisy, but they are loud and will not take prisoners in their process; every ear in their reach must be positively slaughtered. Pumped up with glorious energy that is healthier than the intake of fresh speed & quite possibly also more effective. It’s not entirely clear who between them is more deadly…

There will be not much relaxing going on when this new wave sludge disco band kicks its shit in & speakers will be blown up into the red section of tolerance. It will be all sweat and hotness for the ones that get in touch with their sounds, as with the ease that Rraouhhh will drop their unpretentious real dance floor punk attitudes in their dangerously effective tunes. They should actually wear some kind of warning sign. This music is so in your face, so immoderate and real that it might invoke a glorious heart attack.

I guess that there are worst ways to go & in a way when the plugs of life are pulled as the immediate result of their spiced up ballsy synth sounds, we might as well say that the state of relaxing might actually do come, just in a way you might not really expected it to be.

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  1. FUUK this is good!!! RAH RAH RAHHH

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