GOATS – Far Out

Artist: GOATS
Title: Far Out
Keywords: experimental ambient art progressive United Kingdom
Label: Submarine Broadcasting Company

Goodbye boredom! We say as the fax machine at the standard boring office job sucks us in, as we are being shredded into the world in which imagination meets a perfect case of wild joyous psychedelic satisfaction. This is how Goats is throwing us into a amazing mix in which our own reality get blended with the One of someone else their life. Somehow our fragmented body parts seems to gets printed out all the way into the outer limit side of a very alternative Far East meets west kind of situation. Music is the drug and this one is an instant blast to question your sanity: how could any of us do a normal job and not live life the fullest like the one that Goats is exposing over here! It seems so much more fun and a sheer invitation to go out and explore the world!

But before you do, we fly as little particles around relentlessly from one absurd situation into another, Things are becoming happily odd and laughable as we flip out in a random cozy family situations, jump away from honking busy traffic or stumble upon a Chinese dragon dance with full on drums. Songs will be sung, human beat boxing beats will be blowing around in our favourite memory sections, zen like states will be reached at the rightful moments in time. Trance enduring shredded guitar noises are included to deliver the dreamy dreams that resemble the best summers we could ever had wished for. Monks might come to bless us along the way, angels might descent from the sky to strike the bellies of the sweet chirping crickets… all is here as we merge into a sound collage that is full on like a busy life that refuse to conform into boredom.

Lots of Moments of music, plenty of random recorded sound situations full of dreams, imaginative imaginations and good vibes to compliment the rising suns, go hand in had with what sounds like the vibe of a underlying headache. Even a night in the club in which the music becomes like a steaming train that drives merciless all over us becomes exciting and enjoyable. Luckily the good vibes prevail all over these sonic experiences that Goats collected for us over here. It’s a feast that celebrates life that has been lived to the fullest!

Balloons might be blown up as there are plenty of reasons to smile over here, with enough instruments that pass the revue of cheerfulness. We get happily bulldozed into a mind that is adventurous, fragmented, filled with sane insanity and a delighted truthful love for music, sound and living life to the max. We roll through the authentic trip in which we could say at any moment the phrase ‘wowa, far out dude!’ Yet, everything makes sense and the positive attitude complexly dominates each and every facet of this audio mixture that would be a perfect soundtrack for anyone that want to hear what freedom is all about. Get high on life and get this wonderful album to compliment it:

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