Harley Cream – Hexenplatz EP

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: Hexenplatz EP
Keywords: electronic lgbtq adventurous anarchist dance electronica experimental gay outsider queer rave witch house London
Label: GAY Records

The artist that could only be described as the Satanic Britney Spears is back for business, picking up his Harley Cream moniker in order to drop an incredible EP that might not turn the frogs gay, but certainly would make their ears plop from
excitement! This one is for all the people that want to be initiated through true and honest spellbinding music & than go all out for an exclusively wild party at the hexenplatz! A final destination that you must hear to fully believe and feel it!

The highly original artist will astound you with three tracks on this free downloadable EP that will be mingling nicely among each other. It’s showcasing the creamy style like no other work out there, starting to set the mood up with an excellent case of compositional induced mystery, one that follows into the kind of magic zone that feels as close to a special spell as summoned around midnight at the local cemetery… the second place to be!

It’s freaky, it’s unique and might itch your bones from the inside out. But there could be no better artist in the world that could pull this off better; Harley paints a hexed track that will warm your soul as if it’s nicely tucked away in an open fire. Sacrificed for the greater goods of exclusive freedom!

Harley Cream uses sounds, voice and realness to give new meaning to the word of magical music. But trust me; when you are completely elevated and setup under this candy sound wizardry that Harley Cream gives, there will be enough reason to throw the chairs and tables on the side as he provides an instant upbeat quirky happy party among the initiated brothers and sisters! Hexenplatz is the place to be!

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1 Response to Harley Cream – Hexenplatz EP

  1. this is some premium weirdness, love the vocals

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