Ohsaurus – Isothica

Artist: Ohsaurus
Title: Isothica
Keywords: beats downtempo electronic experimental abstract chillhop downtempo electronica synth synthwave Long Beach

Let’s go down the down town. The kind of place in which retro synths would flourishes up the streets and rattling ticks are left to deal with the modern day pleasures. Everything is fresh and yet familiarly old fashioned. As we walk on a super stroll while staring through empty shopping windows, we might notice a case of lonely music popping out of the micro speakers, installed ages ago to compliment the what was once called ‘the shopping experience’. The feeling of nostalgia and slight sentiment of sadness might creep up at times, but thanks to the profiting music we could easily slip back into the imaginative good times, the ones in which people actually left their houses to enjoy capitalism.

After our little bit of commuting in the downtown area, our guide tells us that it’s time to get all up and funky in the groove zone. It’s here that we hear the Seventh Defiance, a bit of cool music that makes every listener feel as if they are a Beverly Hills cop or at least some kind of hip detective that rather wears Hawaii shirts and oversized sunglasses than a tight police costume. Even the biggest chaos loving outlaw would feel the coolness of catching wrongdoers over here. No need for a pistol or a pair of handcuffs to do a citizens arrest, as the music is simply all you need in the weapon department.

Funny enough, all the newly generated good wannabe cops might get hungry for donuts. Which might not be the choice for a flattering body, but a good excuse to go out there and do some more commuting. Luckily we can walk along with the music into a nearby take away restaurant, the place in which we could abandon the law, steal some cutlery and grab those punchy bites of sugar and oil along the way. Hmm, so sweet! And the complimentary music that goes along with it is rightfully the one that hits all the right spots. A fat laid back groove and a pretty piano bit that smells like the music that that bald headed Moby guy did way back before he opened up a place for tea and cake.

After that it’s time to hang out with our one and only friend that enjoys peeling bananas just as much as we do. His name? Peel fiend. Yes, we all know he is a devil in disguise, but what an amazing banana peeler he is! Wouldn’t even mind to sell your soul to him (not mine – mind you!), as long as he plays his own complimentary theme track whenever he hangs out with us. What a cool and flexible music that is; hearing it might even be better than the beloved action of peeling bananas or chasing donuts. What a strong EP of great strength this is, ready to turn a swift listening situation into tiny micro adventures and special situations. You might want to give it a go;

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