Petridisch – Hit Rendition

Artist: Petridisch
Title: Hit Rendition
Keywords: alternative drone electronic guitar indie indie pop pop synthwave twee Boston
Label: Fish Prints

With enormous dramatic touch the artist known as Petridisch sets out on a grotesque adventure & we are invited to slowly slip in and slide along. The gracious landscapes that are laid out here in front of us are flourishing within their own realm of graceful prettiness. When the drums start to march in, the feeling of happy bunnies going through these fields of beauty is being given. They are excited as they parade by & To be fair; these creatures of the imagination aren’t the only ones that are excited about their presence in these wonderful soundscapes of melodic synth music. I’m pretty much enjoying it all too!

After the parade of non existing bunnies, the view is being liquidised by the view of a small sound-based river filled with calm wetness. I guess it’s here that we can fill up our water bottle and recharge a bit as there is still a long musical journey ahead. First stop is the field filled up with arcades made out of glass. It’s a mysterious scenery in which we wade through as if we are being lost in a maze of mirrors while having trouble finding our true selves in the many reflections that they have to offer. The mysterious sound of someone breathing through a gas mask can be heard next to some creepy singing in the backdrop, two out of place things that generates the feeling of being lost into one that can be quite daunting.

Luckily the music continues to save us with more mysterious beauty. We could happily smile as this world provides more sounds to view and hang around in. They swim and twirl around to create the nicest and impressionistic hearing views that are imaginable. In it we meet the great American. Not sure if it’s of s genderless type but to me it’s unclear what this great American’s genitals are. Not that it’s of our business of course, but it does give us a bit to chat about. Music wise it feels raw and campfire-worthy. I guess it would suit a cowboy or a cowgirl that sits around the fire trying to Heath up a can of baked beans. It’s alright, as there is also the musical impersonation of s case of ‘Monday motivation’ that hits a similar guitarist style to deal with. It’s pretty short, but long enough to get the impression that the American lifestyle (as presented in spaghetti westerns) doesn’t need to seek further to claim these parts as their internal soundtrack.

After all this the release pulls us all into a locomotive. It’s not an old fashioned one, but more like the kind of locomotive that the futuristic members of kraftwerk would find their hail in. This train would travel through Bremen to Sumner & sitting on board of its soundtrack its as if it got on a wrong railway system as it pretends to be the grand trance Europe express. It’s nice as we could just sit back and stare out of the window while enjoying a short secret solo in a empty coupe.

A tiny bit later and the music continues to move us into the wide open spaces of prettiness. This time it feels as if we are still going through the landscape, but are traveling fast by either galloping on top of a exciting horsey or the train had been upgraded and rides the railroads like a well oiled system that goes on full speed ahead. The vibes feel as if it’s getting darker outside, a cobalt blue sky in which already some stars seem to twinkle upon us. Guitar music that gives us the feeling of movement through open grassy fields without no obstacles in sight of happy lights and the slight munch of salted peanuts. The trip goes on as the day and night gets all splintered up and only night seems to prevail. While the end of the trip represents itself we could settled in a easy going night, relaxing under the moon light as deep sounding music is ceasing our final thoughts… what a pretty trip! One that could be taken more often…

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