Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Concert music for orchestra, chorus, and chamber musicians, 2005​-​2010

Artist: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
Title: Concert music for orchestra, chorus, and chamber musicians, 2005-2010
Keywords: experimental ambient classical collage electronic instrumental New Orleans

I really like Elizabeth Joan Kelly’s music. All of her albums have pleased me and all I could offer back is to share their brilliance with you over here. I mean if I was some rich sheik or worked at a bank or had a normal Babylonian job I would be happy to drop a fortune on this artist; that’s how much I love her sounds. She is adventurous and daring, comical and free. The only problem I’ve got with her is that I need more and more.. with good music like this I sometimes become a little greedy, pulling my hairs out like a spoiled brat that will do anything in order to hear more of the good things in life.

Luckily I didn’t share my love for her theatric album full of concert music before. Leaving me with one bit of last output to share my ultimate excitement and joy with you! What a gorgeous album, filled with such great compositions, giving out a pleasure that could only be described as so much fun! When the audience members Attending this recorded concert clap ,I have to clap at least ten thousand times louder. I can’t help but adoring these works, they make me feel thrilled and excited. The whole compositions, the percussions, those amazing strings, the parts written out for the choir to do its thing, the trumpet playing lines, the gorgeous piano.. the everything and all of it in their fine blend of sheer togetherness. It makes me incredibly excited and pompously pumped up in some kind of inflatable super fan that is about to pop!

Of course we thrive not by elevating our fellow stars and I do hate the word of ‘fan’ but with Elizabeth Joan Kelly I feel that even my shame of being one of them is simply taking the back seat. I mean this is such great music that I will be proud to show it around and pour it in anyone’s faces. Its better than acid and don’t think people will file a police report about it. It’s just so much exciting excitement that goes through me when hearing these compositions, it makes me wonder how it looks like when it would come out and materialises itself. I would like to shake this excitement’s hands and look it straight in the eyes & compliment the good music taste that it has. I feel that me and my excitement have a lot in common and we could probably talk for hours about this album or any of the other musics created by Elizabeth Joan Kelly.

I wonder where she got her inspirations from, what the artist had studied in order to be so good at what she does, what inspired her to write these pieces of music, if she imagined movie scenes for these incredible pieces of music.. but at the same time I’m happy to accept them without asking any questions at all; they are of a brilliant kind and anyone not praising them should be checked in at the local lunatic asylum for complete lunacy. Lock them up and throw away the key. More space for us in the free world to blast out these works loud and out in the open. I could imagine wordless theatre shows taking the music up and build entire complimenting performances around them. I bet the theatres would flourish and turn into newly generated fan machines. Normal person goes in – hears an amazing show – gets hooked on the excitement – comes out as a super fan of this very fine composer. They all will be my new friends, and the excitement as a person could also team up with their excitements & we all live happily in a world dominated by the inspiring concert music. Animation series and movies will be made with them as their core of inspiration, dance moves will be choreographed and everywhere you go the sounds will come out to greet you lovingly.

Yes, I did not talk enough about the actual content of these pieces but they speak for themselves, are open for your own imaginative interpretations and ideas. You simply close your eyes and let these compositions draw themselves deeply into your frontal lobe; let them colour your day, fill them up with shapes, cinematographic adventures and feel good homeliness that will speak more to the imagination than most stuff out there. There are moments of pure prettiness, graceful delighted delights, sensational moments , thrilling bits.. all captured together in an dedicated beauty that I can’t get over with. It’s helping me battling the rare occasion of an extreme hangover – which makes me love it even more! Anyway, without dropping any spoilers Me and my excitement are both glad to point you towards the wonderful music:

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