Chrissie – The Way Through

Artist: Chrissie
Title: The Way Through
Keywords: alternative contemporary experimental instrumental progressive Leeds

Oh how pretty dense and moving electronic music is… You sometimes just want to hold it in your hands and shake it all around like a cute little newborn. But some of it is frankly painted with face paint representing a corpse. But when it is the last thing teamed up with an actual violin, you just know that you can’t shake it enough! It will haunt you and hold you in its grip.. You just need to hold it close to your chest, befriend it, keep it sometimes even nearer to your dark heart and feel the life of it flowing in. It’s a wicked combo of emotion , one that comes out in all its facets in this album by Chrissie.

She is a recommended artist if you had been into the adventurous darker kind of realms of electronics and strings. There is something really cool about her latest collection of tracks, softly twirling in the gothic areas, all done with distinctive graceful prettiness and yet eerie sensations of utter blackness. It’s one that feels pretty undefinable to me, as if it’s not something you would come across on a daily basis, which makes this release even just more special and outstanding. It’s dark, very dark… but it also makes excellent material for when you are in such a place yourself; nothing helps better than finding hail in depression when you feel like someone else on earth is understanding your feelings and emotions & I think Chrissie’s music here might be the ideal partner to get you back up your feet again.

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that it had dropped itself as a bomb on the internet, instantly filling many music lover’s hearts with an new interesting kind of hope, as if it is saying that the growing evolution of music hasn’t been stopped just yet. Thanks to this artist’s music breaking the casual boundaries and the ability of her to take risks with her works, a very new kind of gothic music had simply been born, touching the feels of many who got it in their ears for a right touch of sheer emotive emotion. It’s probably been a case of medicative music to make, but also to hear it feels as if someone deeply knows how to look inside of you, so you won’t be dealing with it all by yourself on your own.

Sure there is a defined bleak darkness laid out over most of these compositions, but the new inventiveness of it all is the kind of unlikely combination that feels as if there had been an underlying exciting revolution going on. An successful attempt of breaking the boundaries in which breathtaking synthesiser synths will show themselves just to be as powerful as the classical sounding powers of a hand playing violin. There is excitement in all the rare and strangest places it seems…

With this album there are moments in which I felt I wanted to run back to my mommy and hold her hand for comfort, while at others I felt perfectly at home and safely sane , ready to flow away in the calm waters of nice shady shadows that provided an ghostly comfort zone to hide in. The daunting piano bits might be food for the writers in the horror genre, they also feel very sincere as if they are dealing with a devoted life in which realness has been touched by a sincere sounding sadness. When the violin comes in, I felt hopelessly touched by its grotesque, yet very personal sound and feel of it all. It’s dramatic as t could be, but you just know that it is utterly channeled by the artist who made the music as if she had cut her heart and let these compositions bleed out perfectly in the recording booth.

It’s not a happy sounding album, but it is clearly real and seemingly a way of the composer to get her thoughts out in a creative and shareable way. It totally fits the album artwork of a shimmery lonely night out on the streets, roaming around in the hope to be taken by surprise by a romantic vampire hungry for your blood. There is something about going through ‘the way through’ that gives hope that music is there still the best tool to express and channel reality, even if they had been coming from feelings stored from deep within.

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