Report: Day Dream Salon with Djanan Turan & Bloom de Wilde

A lovely Sunday afternoon with Bloom de Wilde and Djanan Turan, that’s what happened last weekend at the intimate space in St Mary’s tower in London. Bloom and Djanan had been the artists filling the first ever episode of this kind hearted event named Day Dream Salon, a brand new concept in which the brilliant idea of bringing music concerts that would normally happen in the night time, all the way towards the middle of the day.

A time ideal for adults and their young ones to enjoy what they normally would miss out on. (Parents would be too tired or fall for the unfortunate event of not being able to find a responsible child minder & children might be already deeply tucked away into dream land.) But now, thanks to this well needed event; they finally could defy the obstacles of time & luck and could enjoy together the lively performed music in a laid back family friendly environment.

The first episode was an immediate adorable success, with the event held in this dreamy tower that magically provided the righteous acoustic space for the artists to flourish in. Bloom de Wilde started the event off with her magical songs that flourished like flowers on a wonderful spring’s day. Her tones had been like honey for the bumble bees & it didn’t take long before the lovely location was instantly packed with the most adorable audience that anyone could possible ever imagine. Lots of children, newly born babies and smiling groups of lovely adults that all brought their good vibes along.

The happiness that they could feel all around the room as most youngsters would probably witness their very first music concert was of the heartwarming kind. A feeling that would brilliantly flourish as long as the composing songstress would fill the magical place with the wonders of her voice and melodious keyboard playing. Her natural smile as she would let her songs out of her heart into the ears of all who had been lucky to attend was powerful enough to make the sunshine come out.

After a little break in which the young and the old could enjoy the new music generated weather circumstances in the tower’s yard, it was time for the lovely Djanan Turan and three of of her musical friends to perform. Their tones filled the tower with interactive songs that would bring the generations together for a lovely time of musical vibes. She performed her classics and the crowd was clearly loving every bit of it. Toddlers would dance and babies refrained from crying all afternoon; all clearly had an amazing fun afternoon on what felt like the welcoming happening that the world had been waiting for. I’m probably not the only one who can’t wait for the next Day Dream Salon to pop up! Probably in another location as it became a little crowded… what a lovely day!

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