Whettman Chelmets – Doesn’t Remember​.​.​.

Artist: Whettman Chelmets
Title: Doesn’t Remember…
Keywords: ambient hypnagogic baroque post-rockshoegaze vaporwave Joplin
Label: Strategic Tape Reserve

I will not be the first or the last to make a lame practical joke referring to the album’s title. Unfortunately I had forgotten the joke that I was going to make. … but let us move on and check out the brand new music by underground’s favourite superstar Whettman Chelmets. This one got released on Strategic Tape Reserve which equals an ultimate guarantee that it’s great music. The limited tape edition was already sold out on the day of its official release, that’s how glorious the reputation of both artist and the label are. Luckily you could obtain CD’s from the artist’s very own bandcamp account so not all is lost! Still it’s a likeable notice that this artist and label have found each other.. such a winning duo and luckily for all who bought it blindly and in good faith; it’s good music indeed!

Now sometimes we get the complaint that we come across as loving all music (and anti music..) but please give it a rest; don’t blame us for artists making great music, blame the artists themselves. Why not chose the positive way of life and simply text them how you feel about them doing such a good job. Maybe encourage them to occasionally produce less amazing music so we could write a negative review once in a while.. if that is the kind of thing that you like to read you’ll probably won’t enjoy this bit of text of praises for what was this album called? Ah yes; Doesn’t Remember…

You recognise when a release of music is good, by the fact that it will fly by in an instant. This has nothing to do with track length but more with it being easily absorbed in the pleasant pleasure sections of the music appreciative side of the brain. Reading these words over here will probably make time go tremendously slow in comparison to what the music on uh…. Doesn’t Remember…is doing. The release passes by almost quicker than a blink of the eye. Which is a good reason for it to be played on repeat from outro all the way to the intro and back again. Just hit the repeat option so you won’t forget to press play again..

In this order i happily dived into this material, it’s the appropriate way to do as the first track on this release felt as if we are jumping in the freshness of water and let us swim deeply into it without having to pop up our heads for some air circulation. If there was a video made for it, it would probably fit scuba gear wearing individuals that go on a deep sea tour full of pretty fishes and sea vegetation. It’s wonderful especially if you could just enjoy it from the comfort of your home while seated in a lazy position.

The next song on this release named a radio city hall rocker gets to crack on with a much more dominant feeling of eerie city warmth. Tones of unease that do sound nice yet hit the atmosphere of something that might trick the mind into thinking that some kind of dodgy thing is going on. I can’t really explain what exactly triggers this feeling, but it is as if it’s ambient music made on the wild side of life, kindly ready to strike you down when you least expect it… and when it hits you, you will probably have no recollection of any of it happening..

This goes well together with a work named Drowned and faded, which hits the dodgy side of drone music in an order in which criminal cases might plot their tricky undetectable murder scenes. It is cozy to hear, with its warm sound that might drag you in like a sun that is being hosed down by high pressure, but there is something to it that makes me feel as if something had slipped beneath the surface that might make an attempt to exterminate you by using a certain tone of emotional ambient.

Luckily the work with the name ‘Scattered Id’ is there to tell us that it’s all alright, that there is no psycho roaming around that wants to illuminate us while hiding behind pretty walls made out of sounds. In fact it is here that we could lift our own shields and just settle down for some fine relaxedness. Jumping into this content feeling of chilling out is the tune called Recollections Suit, which at first captures a feel good moment in the more warmer realms of the word. Which will be suddenly sidelined by A trade of more nastier sounds of rustiness, material that successfully integrated with psychedelic bites of sunshine, in order to make us all in some kind of state of confusion; shall we relax or do we need to be on guard in order not to be secretly slaughtered by innocent ambient vibes? I don’t remember which is the more preferable action…

What a failure of a year? Its not just a random statement, but indeed another title of a track on this album. In here we meet Whettman Chelmets’s inner voice, tormenting himself with the look back of the life that we had in the last 12 months can music wise it feels a bit as if the ghosts of Christmas had taken us through a flying stroll between the actions of mysterious misery and total mishaps. Like one gigantic plaster that points out the places that we hit ourselves the most and yet try to make it all somewhat alright. Like useless kisses of a parent on the knee of a young child that had fallen over. Do you remember any of those kind of things happening in your life? I don’t…

All the way at the end we meet the intro of the album, also known as Softer Voices. It is the soft beginning with a feel good soft drunkenness to it that perfectly fits the early hours of the evening, with night crickets and flying fireflies lighting up the pretty outside area in which we sit and enjoy our intoxicating beverages. Twinkling sounds might make us feel a little tipsy, enough to think that little fairies might fly by and throw some sparkles upon our heads. It’s the feel good beginning that we had been waiting for and also the end for this strange walk through of this interesting mysterious sounding album by the legend that is Whettman Chelmets. Before I forget… please check it out over at the following links:

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