Eli Gras – Museum of the Dry Bugs

Artist: Eli Gras
Title: Museum of the Dry Bugs
Keywords: 1980s 1990s barcelona electroacoustic experimental futurist pop sound and radio art cassette tape early music experimental pop insect oddity Hamburg
label: gagarin records
website: http://eligras.com/

Listening to the promo of Eli Gras’s museum of the dried bugs is giving the impression that this is the release we like, dig and obviously love. It’s fun, even to hear Eli addressing that she is in need for a taxi becomes like a cheerful musical event to boogie woogie along with. The repetitive funky rhythm of the bass and the shaky bongos along with Eli Gras vocal performance expressing her search for the taxi is simply an happily event that has fun all underlined.

Bicileta Robada is another gift on the promo of this album, it’s one that clearly feels like the tiny snippet of try out drugs that a dealer would give to a future client for free, confident enough that after it is being used up, he or she will definitely come back for more! Here we hear a irresistible lovely homely recording of raw bass hitting them warm friendly cozy vibes that made me think of the smell of fresh wood consumed in a happy surrounding. A thought that gets even happier vibes with the music that Eli Gras named automatic-automat. It’s utterly sweet, pretty lo-fi, with the ultimate feel good attitude that you could only expect to hear on a day that everything goes extremely well; the sun is out and there are flowers and humble bees, fishes in the pool and perhaps even a bottle of free organic wine to share! How lovely!

Flu gets an makeover as when Eli gras brings it to you, it will feel like the kind of thing that isn’t being linked to high fever, snot and hot headed heads; but will come across as something that is an very fine thing to have. The kind of material that even the seagulls would want to sign up for, flying straight down towards Eli’s recording device to whistle on their cozy flutes. For the last part of the preview Eli Gras convinces with the track named Uuu… yes, you read it well! Uuu. Music wise it’s the ideal cuddle up one, sneak under the blankets of her music, do this alone or with a loved one & just let the love of her gentle strokes of her stringed instrument bring you all the lovely coziness that you could possible wish for!

These wonderful and honestly very lovely tunes are just the tip of the iceberg of what you get to hear when you bring the entire album to your home and bathe in all its friendly content. You will have to work for it, or someone else, as this release is the ideal gift to give to someone who has hygienic problems and has a good taste for kind hearted music too, as believe it or not; Eli Gras (experimental trickster and innovator that she is..) casted the physical music containing work (including 27 tracks!) in a bar of soap! In a way she made washing yourself with soap finally into a rewarding action that is absolutely well worth doing! Beautiful, friendly, engaging music by Eli Gras is awaiting your arrival and expects you to be smelling all nice and flowery! You simply need this as it’s Pretty amazing indeed!

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