Laurent Colson – In Memoria


The introduction on Laurent Colsons bandcamp page reads as follow: “Laurent Colson is a French composer, arranger, and remixer, producing electronic music. His projects are a combination of deep textures, atmospheres, and rhythms, using synthetic sounds mixed with mystical elements. Voices are mainly synthetically produced by using specific computer technologies. “

With his specific computer technologies he’s able to create haunting atmospheres reminiscent to deep dark trap and witch house combined with electro and beautiful female vocals.

This production has to be heared as a whole. All tracks supplement each other creating a beautiful dark melodic drama.

All 13 tracks have deep base layers combined with angelic vocals and perfectly timed and rhythms. The buildup of the tracks is overall pretty straight forward, so the listener doesn’t have to keep concentrating on the music. This makes it the perfect music for work or even in specific shops.

The production value, engineering, post production and mixing are all of a very high standard. We don’t often see (yeah I know it has to be hear) such high end products here at YIKIS. Too bad there isn’t a physical release.

Conclusion; Hear it for yourselves!


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