Carya Amara – Vague Wars

Artist: Carya Amara
Title: Vague Wars
Keywords: electronic ambient dark ambient drone experimental murmurs United Kingdom

It’s past midnight. I skipped going into the yikis office yesterday, but I’ll make it up with you by reporting in the middle of the night about this excellent bit of music by a very mysterious and vague artist named Carya Amara. Somehow in my head I believe to have written about this release once before, but because my head is not to be trusted, I figured that it certainly believe it’s fine to write about it twice (if it was in fact the case that I had indeed covered it before..) cause why not? After all enjoying good music & sharing it should be a bit like that ground hog day movie; an event of repetition that can be enjoyed over and over again.

And that’s why I heard the first track ‘Drone On’ multiple times on repeat as I’ve started to pen up this worldly one sided conversation with you. It slips by so easily, like a well lubed up work that kindly slides down the pleasure centres of the brain. See it as if the music is a snail whose usually slimy trail not consist of shiny stickiness, but comes out like a liquid that is more of the slippery soapy kind. It just sounds like it has everything to go down on you.. just imagine the music sliding down the ears as it keeps on droning on whiteout ever becoming a drag or a bore.

Before you even really notice it, Carya Amara settles you in another beautiful soundtrack named ‘aged europe’. One that sets the scenery of a mixture between a mouthful of fresh breath and spaced out church bells as heard in many old fashioned village and city centres while high on a special brand of super glue. The tones of these bells ring around in their own kind of loneliness, illuminating the vocal activities of humans in the eras, leaving the sheer essence of the old fashioned communal space as witnessed in the old dusted memories, ready to flourish like a wonderful flower that can never be plucked.

Before you realise what you had been experiencing, the vagueness of music easily goes into another satisfying section. One in which the weighty title of ‘proxy and proximity’ is pressed upon. A title that comes across like a intellectual statement of some kind. My ears unarm this with both ear lobes, as they both enjoy the warm coolness that comes at them, as if it’s a fresh bit of cool air that is blowing new oxygen into the parts that had been in dire need for it. The artist does this all in a very gentle style, throwing in a kind shade of utter mystery as a nice touchy touch for it all. That being said; it is the perfect set up for the epicentre of this release; the last but pretty much the most desired track on this release.

It’s name of Cold and Hot Wars is basically explaining all that you will hear in this audio sensation. A balanced diet of intensive warm and coolness that seems to bring back those organic bits of the previous tracks, but combined them all for a much more dense sensation. The lovely abstract charming charms of delicate sounding church bell drones, the soapy trails of vague snails that had been ultra hygienic and could certainly be squeezed for an alternative way for the lubrication of tight holes. It’s intensely satisfying and would certainly make you feel nice and glowing from the inside out. Never thought to say it but some wars can be beautiful!

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