Gerlov – Halfway There

Artist: Gerlov
Title: Halfway There
Keywords: experimental, Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard

Nobody likes a cheeseburger without the cheese… Don’t worry vegans! There are good vegan burgers and good tasting fake cheeses too! Sometimes you don’t even need a cheese to be on the real or fake meaty burger to make it into a cheesy one. You could for example listen to ‘dogs’ by Gerlov while biting into your burger of choice. The cheese will be there, but no animals have suffered for its making & above all; it gets a really nice musical seasoning. One that can’t be beaten by sesame seeds or a sniff of olive oil. This is the music that comes in song form, with the singing structures and melodies, a dedicated voice performing for you while you munch away your way towards the stairway of cheese burger heaven! Of course you could enjoy the music without the burger experience, but I guess it just felt that the music by Gerlov just would be the perfect add on to the eating sensation.

Besides the music on its own might be overwhelming, so subduing it by the intake of greasy foods makes it easier to be consumed, especially if you have a sensitive stomach for romantic campfire emotions. I know that spreading ‘cologne’ on a burger might not be healthy, but the way Gerlov delivers it in song form it might just be about the right fullest way to enjoy and absorb. Even if you are lactose intolerant you might be able to get your teeth into it without having to spend hours on the toilet to eject the grease in liquid form from another opening that isn’t your mouth. Gerlov even has a song named ‘party’ for you to add to your burger experience. It will make it taste a bit more smokey, as if the artist add some real or fake bacon underneath the bread. It’s adding to the sensation of passionately munching away while spiking the experience with a love song that the Beatles would have died for. Imagine (!) Beatles burgers! With a artistic video performance of Yoko Ono eating up a remaining Beatle member, all nicely cut up in the shape of a burger. I know this isn’t vegan, but somehow it seems okay to have exceptions once in a while. Think about the nutrition and how much songs will come inside you while you chew it up like a cow eats it’s gras.

But wait isn’t that cannibalism? Maybe! After all when Yoko Ono does it – it might just be art of the highest order. .. back to the music before we get banned for obscenities and too much absurdism the political correct world can’t live with.. ah yes, Gerlov also has a nice ‘birthday’ song on here. Not cheesy, also no dire need to hear it with a burger of any kind in your calcium laced choppers. I like to hear it on its very own devices, a nice humble sound of humming and laid back haziness. It proofs the point that there is no need for the standard happy birthday songs at happy birthday parties, just nice music would do the trick just fine. It’s almost like discovering a relief! Sadly it’s also the shorter track on the release – but you know what they say: too much of something good might get you bloated!

Besides there is one last treat in this Smikkelbaard highlight: a song named towards you. Which also feels pleasant enough to be enjoyed without biting into a burger. It feels nice and warm with enough salad dressing on its very own to please. You could hear the words, the gentle slow piano bits and some kind of organ doing its chilled out thing. It has a proper ending too, so you just know exactly when that moment has come to bring out the serviette and clean your face from potential left overs of grease and cheese. In any case it’s proper minstrel music over here, but don’t think it’s just some village idiot in the olden days, but think of a real sentimental singing poet with a sensible warm loving gentle heart & a whole lot of time in the production room. A place obviously filled with nostalgia, romantic feelings and probably no burgers at all!

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