norah lorway – i’ve had dreams like this

Artist: norah lorway
Title: i’ve had dreams like this
Keywords: electronic experimental algorithmic ambient dark ambient glitch maxmsp supercollider United Kingdom
Label: Earthrid

I feel sorry for the long waiters in our waiting list of music review request. I get a tiny bit depressed when thinking about them as they sit there in the hope for attention & the only way to help that feeling to get out of the way is by blanking them for a bit and discover music that hasn’t been asking for a review. Like for example this album by a to me previously unknown artist named Norah Lorway. After listening to this release of dreamy music there is simply no way I will forget about Norah Lorway! If you hear this album you might suffer a similar fate as me!

It starts with a track cutely named Plunk, which is quite intense as an opener. I mean it’s music, not a bottle opener for a start, but also it might be the darkest track on the album. One that comes at us in the shape of a experimental sounding soundscape that somehow sounds as if we are at an abandoned building site in which the blowing up of balloons and the sound of steel hitting the concrete floors of the building, all of them are twirling around to light up a ghostly atmosphere. It’s very intriguing to say the least. I figured that it was the trigger to continue the story, which became more friendly along the way.

It started with second track, one who is feeling more closer to humanity, coming at us straight from the start with the recognisable sound of a true fiddler. Oh yes, fiddle away and than fiddle some more! Somehow the fiddling fiddles gets a nice droning ambiance out of its system, one that makes the old fashioned instrument into something else; a machinery that creates kind hearted dreams of pretty skylines, a flavour of sweet industrialism that had come to life in order to drop the lid of a cooking pot & the sound of pleasant evenings in which we could find soothing states of mind to achieve relaxing moments in. It’s a mouthful but there is no other way to describe it. I don’t know if this is all grammatically correct but hey; reporting on dreamy trips as they go along in music form just can’t be policed.

Funnily enough the next track on this album is also drream oriented. It’s called ‘I’ve had dreams like this’ which is an interesting title, but is clearly the one that the entire release is named after. Hearing it made me wonder what kind of dream the artist had? Something nice I bet… I listened to it with my eyes closed (not my ears!) and felt as if the music made me experience weightlessness. There was no need to fly or move my arms like a bird or anything like that, but the pretty tones of the sounds just picked me up as if I was as light as a feather, while launching me kindly of the ground into a forward casual flight… I don’t know if that was similar to the dream that Norah Lorway had, but on its own it was a finely Devine experience that provided nothing to complain about.

After that a track named ‘swarm’ also had come along, but here we don’t need to enter some zen like state in order to fly without wings for, as this one will take us simply for a ride by train. Just close your eyes and look out of the train cabin’s window. Enjoy the view, while a friendly landscape is parading by. Sink away in deep thoughts as the sound of the railroad is making their rusty noises underneath us. It makes me slumber back into the days of sitting in a prank while the sidewalk stones made a similar rhythmic feeling – always inviting sleep in to my parent’s great delights.

More acquired beauty can be heard and felt while a track named ‘there it goes’ comes in to do its thing. It’s like witnessing an surreal holy sensation of the purest kind. One in which wordless angels are singing their blessings; how nice of them! After all it’s well known that they all have busy schedules.. utterly pleased as they take time off to Carefully circulate around our innocent heads from high upon mid air. The deeper bits in the sensation are rolling heavy enough to keep our feet safely tucked into the ground, which is a necessary need, considering that this music scenery is so pretty that it might just blow you away like a floatable dandelion.

With ‘alone together’ we are stuck with each other in a small motel. Yep, you and me on a bed that might be invested with bed bugs & outside the lights of neon and the drops of wet rain. Police sirens are all over the place and the only sane safe thing to do is staying together in this dodgy establishment, sunken deeply into each others eyes until the morning will come and we can check out for a sane continuation of our journey. Outside the weather goes mental, ambulances with failing equipments are driving around in a dystopian nightmare, one that we avoid by sitting through it in our makeshift safety zone.

The end of the album goes for the anticipated feel good vibes of ultimate coziness, the kind in which warm pleasant tones meet up with the comforting sound of cute crackles. Who doesn’t like crack? I mean crackles..? Like the ones dusting away on old vinyl records and record playing needles, or simply the sound of a calm open fire… Everything is good and pleasant over here, the sun might be out and the hearts will be filled with the satisfied feelings of generous love and affection. A happy ending of an album filled with tracks to dream away in. You should give it a try! Don’t be afraid it won’t bite & neither do I..

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