Iris Garrelfs – Bedroom Symphonies

Artist: Iris Garrelfs
Title: Bedroom Symphonies
Keywords: experimental experimental electronic improv improvised music iris garrelfs minimal minimalist vocal United Kingdom
Label: Linear Obsessional

Let’s get intimate with Iris Garrelfs and listen like a peeping tom to all the sounds that had been coming out of her bedroom. Of course in normal ways you would need a safe place to hide in her bedroom in order not to disturb the artist, or move to the room next door and place a glass on the wall to hear all this, perhaps sneak yourself under the bed like a true creep.. but thanks to Iris being so forthcoming we don’t need to do any of that as she brought an entire album of bedroom recordings out for all of us to hear from our very own comfort zones.

Tuning in might definitely surprise you, it wasn’t unlike any standard bedroom sounds that I’ve ever peeked in to. It was of the utterly imaginative kind, one in which you could imagine her bedroom being filled with nice colours, pillows, weird bubbling equipment, a cute laboratory in which the artist practiced the magic of dreams, or perhaps had been doing lots of alchemical processes of the unique and bizarre kind. Liquids dripping out of the bedroom wall, squatting ducks might silently step around with their wet little floppy feet… this is not your average bedroom peep in!

Listening to these bedroom activities it is clear that we aren’t dealing here with a standard neighbour, but one eccentric artist that had been doing lots of experiments in there. Things might flubber, watery slimy sounds might bubble around in unthinkable test tubes; at one time I thought that she was inventing an electronic cat – just for the purrs!.. you could hear the juices, broken sewer pipes, the wet bubbling sounds of mysterious things boiling in pots and pans. But also we could hear Iris walk around and sing to her experiments, humming wordlessly towards them as if she was praising the sight of her inventions in action, which felt like a pleasing pleaser that might inspire you to do some extraordinaire bedroom actions as well. As guess what; done moments are hitting the scale of hardcore prettiness!

It’s an intriguing listen throughout, as if we could hear the artist in her private element, satisfied as she teaches young owls to talk and how she directs newly born worms how to dance in oddly directed formations. I’m not sure, but there might be a chance that she has a monkey in her bedroom too! At one moment you might as well think that her bedroom is so much spacier than any bedroom that you know; as at a certain time it feels as if she managed to bring in an entire monastery of kind hearted singing holy nuns. I seriously wandered how she got them all in there, but than I thought; it must be the result of one of her successful projects! She found the magical way to expand her bedroom and decrease it as well; the last bits are always handy for the tons of coziness that could be heard over here! These bedroom symphonies are certainly worth a listen, not only because it is nice and interesting material, but it also makes you love your neighbour more.. you never know if they have a secret magical laboratory going on – but if they do, its best to respect them in case the experiments might be used against you! For sure I could imagine some noisy unwanted neighbours transformed in to fishes spending days in odd oxygen tanks in Iris her world of wonder… sure enjoy these wonderful sounds , but whatever you do please don’t invade her privacy!

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