Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – The Mad Hatter’s Ball (feat. Martin Newell)

Artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
Title:The Mad Hatter’s Ball (feat. Martin Newell)

Are you mad? Mad about tea? I mean are you thirsty for tea? And a party? A partea!
Do you fancy some tea? And after that some more tea? Come on and lets go down to the tea experience that we all had been waiting for; an intimate meeting at the table of the mad hatter, a ball of a moment in which tea would be the sanest thing to take in among a colourful party crew.

It won’t be hard to fit in this cuckoo world that lovingly await your arrival as they delightfully sip the warm liquids from their cups. It’s basically a recipe for the best Friday ever, or any other day (depending when you want to occupy a chair and join this feast!) … it’s almost as if it’s the best birthday party without it being your birthday party! Unless it’s of course coincidentally your birthday today! In both cases: congratulations!

But what are you waiting for? Don’t just stand here and keep reading our boring blog as there are lots of funny creatures waiting for your presence.. in fact they need you as they have so much tea they wouldn’t be able to drink it all by themselves. If they did their collective wee would be enough to make a dam break. Besides, they are there to welcome you and give you the most pleasant pleasure of being your greatest accompanying companionship ever! They have manners & will give you the biggest cup of tea available!

The mad hatter himself is of course the most prominent and intriguing figure at the table, moving around as if he was an actual stop motion character that had been out there to intrigue you with a welcoming touch of care and twisted case of a tea obsession. His peculiar riddled voice sounds similar to the famous Martin Newell from the Cleaners From Venus legacy, a good match as an extraordinary English man he would probably fancies tea as well! Also Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin is there attending the mad hatter’s ball, so you will be among amazing friends and always near a game if cards, chess or painted roses & of course lots of tea!

In fact Petunia-Liebling might even be in your tea cup already, which is to be fair nicer than a tea spoon, tea bag or a cookie crumble to have in there! But also a good thing for measurement, real proof that indeed this cup of tea is of a size previously unheard off! Something that you could possible bathe in! So weather or not you fancied tea, this is one phenomenon you certainly must see!
it’s always time for tea.. and possible a wee! Are you still here? What are you waiting for? Look at the time… it’s coincidentally tea time again! Better hop in:

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