Gifgrond #71 party report!

Last Saturday it was time for an ultimate version of the best party on earth; Gifgrond! It was what people would say a full house, not referring to the horrid American shitcom, but yes it was busy and buzzing! just by sheer musicians alone the floor was filled – add the countless good vibe-bringers that the new and loyal gifgrond visitors obviously are and you simply have enough excited bodies on the dance floor to toss away your heating system!

It was not booming like this for nothing as it was an extra special episode, one that wasn’t just stuffed with more life bands than usual, but also because the guest of honour (and loyal barman) Arie would be knighted in the venue’s honour for all the loyal service that he had done as the friendly happy poisoning poisoner of the people, a true hero with all his mysterious liquids and tasty intoxicating fluids! It was his goodbye party as rumours had been spreading around that he was going to retreat and live a relaxed life somewhere in the tropics. Bless this irreplaceable man and his tactful flying skills, as like him there are none!

I was going in early and hugged the hell out of Arie, (he probably can’t remember..) as I noticed some really amazing looking cakes as delightfully baked up by the wonderful Linda. Even though they had been clearly reserved for Arie I (and others) couldn’t resist munching away on them! So delicious and a taste that was so overwhelmingly good that even though I told everyone that I had become emotional from Arie’s goodbye; it was actually the flavour of this cake that emotionally triggered my flow of tears; like tasting sweet magic on the tongue!

But yes, let’s get reporting on the music of the night before the delighted final poison of Arie has completely liquidated any ability to recall any of it.. first there was Slumberland. Which you might think would be a music bringer to slumber with, but crazily enough this couldn’t be much further removed from the truth 🙂 Slumberland brought an whole inventive installation made with (what seemed like) various household tools and a prominent knitting machine that functioned as the super tightest drummer in the world. With inventive people like Slumberland out there it might be best for drummers to learn a different skill. Maybe trumpet playing? In any case It gave a whole new meaning of the phrase ‘getting screwed’, especially when the artist rocked out with his noise generating machinery on his amplified distorted guitar, a perfect combo with shocking electrifying tedious tendencies! Ear drums started to knit their ear holes tight just enough to be able to bravely embrace the energetic duo of the inventor and his invention!

ale hop came next and also came across as an true dedicated inventor as she explored the extreme contrasts of beauty and noise within a set that was showing restrained, strong force and a hell of a lot of dedication! All in one big epic episode of exploring music and sounds in the kind of experimental ways that you won’t see or hear everyday. Her lively played hands-on style was breathtaking, energetic and all handled like a scientistic rockstar that went completely up in her own shaped world of amazing noises.

It was not just an feast to hear but also an inspiring sight to see her creating these in the spot cases of mesmerising intrigue! Its very hard for the common gifgrond visitor not to completely lose themselves within this jaw dropping live set. Some of them still are searching for their way out… it was definitely one show that rightfully gained a loud applause at the end by the very mesmerised and speechless audience!

It would be hard for anyone to drop in the shadow of this artist, but luckily the next live show by planete concrete had enough girl power to fill any footstep tenfold! In fact they even brought legendary Snow White with them, whose lengthy appearance had enough allure to deliver shade to hide in when needed & even had the power to outshine the sun on a more hotter version of a summer’s day!

The five people electro rocked like a collective that could move houses, would be able to wipe out all oppression with frantic engaging rhythms, they had no shame of dropping the fattest bass lines and no holding back to deliver the dirtiest of synth sounds!

They came across as the kind of warriors that would stand up for the oppressed and make their fight into a pleasant party at the same time! That’s the way forward I would say!

Than it was time… not for another band, but for Arie to be knighted in the highest honourable honour of Gifgrond heroes! He received his very own Arie song in his ears and on a very limited edition Gifgrond usb stick, a bottle of his favourite poison, flowers and a poster in which his likeness was simply uncanny! The hero of the moment was knighted with eleven eye witnesses that had earned enough bar credits through out the years that they could be up for this terrific job of formality!

After this it was time for more celebration which came with the final live performance! The last band up to this task would hit the right tones of the evening! It was the happily aggressive sound of rraouhhh! A duo that had covered the punk vibe and brought it to a banging electro atmosphere. It was raw and furious and made a good case that distorted guitars are by now a overrated and no needed tool in the trade of being awesome! They wiped the floor with their dynamic collaboration and was a good solid reason for the crowd to become hot and sweaty! You could see that the two members of this act could read each others thoughts and knew exactly how to bring the best out of their in your face sounds!

Of course, just as we could expect from the classy Gifgrond parties, the evening ended in the early hours of the morning by a provided unbeatable soundtrack delivered by nobody less than DJ Bs!

Always a success this DJ Bs! And solidly underlining another amazing episode that will go down in the history books like no other!

p.s. all photos are done by Frank Janssens… the best action photographer in town!

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