Labelhead Discourse – USSR Great Anguish

Artist: Labelhead Discourse
Title: USSR Great Anguish
Keywords: video, cartoon, music video, animation, lobit
Label: Sub65

Oh hello, it’s nice to see you here! Yes, so very pleased you are here reading this. Are you new or are you one of the old school followers? We gaining followers by the minute, all following the pretty flute sounds until we all drop down into our final resting place! It’s silly, but we gain some popularity and than we purposely lose some.. still I believe that we are getting more popular by the minute, slowly but unsurely becoming the biggest influencer of underground music out there.. what a pressure on our shoulders.. what a nerve wrecking situation to be in..

But please, don’t take it all too seriously other writers for blogs out there; of course these sentences are influenced by intoxication of a diverse kind. But don’t blame us too much either for this as we didn’t invent these toxins and neither did we make all these music bits that we do love to praise! Blame the creators!

In any case I’m glad that you are here as we have a nice free release for you to talk about , it’s one that probably makes us lose a bit of followers again. So if that is you; sorry to let you go! It was nice knowing you.. please wipe your feet on the way back out! Thank you for your attendance, no matter how short it was; it’s always appreciated!

So yeah.. a free release, available from the archive servers that are always willing to serve you. It’s one of those odd ball creations of creativity. The kind that you might have questions about; is it music? Is it art? Might it just be a cartoon? In any case it’s definitely something! And it might be puzzling for sure, especially if you kindly realise that it might just be hitting all those spots at the same time. Art, music, cartoon and being free! Holy shite, combinations that are almost ground breaking when they are working together! It’s out on the sub55 netlabel, which is the place to follow if you want to be surprised while being quickly served (thanks to the lobit sized releases!) & who wouldn’t wanted that?

In any case I won’t tell much more about this specific release as we are not here to please or chew it all out for you. That’s how arrogant we have become! Also it’s best to chew yourself! I mean you must use your own teeth, eyes and ears. Maybe no need for your teeth in this case, but all other things might become handy for the experience that is USSR Great Anguish!

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