Cat Temper – Digital Soul

Artist: Cat Temper
Title: Digital Soul
Keywords: electronic analog synth dark synth darksynth electro instrumental kosmische retrosynth synth synthesizers synthwave Boston

It’s just a matter of time, but finally I have finalised a proper write up for Cat Temper’s latest album. Oh really? Yes really! Where is it than? Well glad you asked: it’s right here! Where? Well… here somewhere..

I guess this introduction doesn’t make much sense, but it refers to me writing about this album but of course not being able to find my writings. Forgetfulness is one of my key trademarks. It’s sometimes a wonder that I know which is my left feet and which is my right one. But even though the righteous review that I penned up for Cat Temper might be gone forever, I did not forget about it! And neither did I forget about the album itself! It’s pretty epic and full of synthesiser temptations. If you like those kind of temptations you will definitely like it & if you also have memory problems; I advice you to click the link below as quick as possible just in case you would forget to do so! It’s pretty much the kind of thing that you need to hear right now!

It’s so groovy, short stabbing tunes that the London kids would name ‘sick’ and the people in my head would call ‘ohlala epicness!’ .. there is lots in there to be excited about, I mean there must be as otherwise I would have simply forgotten all about it . I do recall the lovely synth tunes and the fat baselines and their cool sounds. I also remember how I enjoyed the retro easy going four by four beats; there is always something about it that I found really attractive. No handsome individual could beat that kind of sexiness. Really? Yes really! Never doubt the opinion of a professional music reviewer! Okay? Okay!

Cat Temper simply got it all down and sorted, giving the perfect tracks a subjective simplicity while actually being superbly full on, with smart orchestrated puzzles out puzzles of sheer perfectionism. If I was A member of Cat Temper’s family, I would call Cat Temper and tell him how proud I am of him and his astounding works over here! Lucky I’m not a family member, as imagine how awkward that telephone call would be?

But yes, it’s true.. it’s a fabulous album this ‘Digital Soul’ and it got the right artwork to carry it all. That’s the work of an true all round artist at work, one who made music with all the details at the right place and manages to deliver an complete picture of style and excellence with the kind of music branding any commercial artist could learn from! Does any of this make any sense? Maybe and maybe not; in any case I remember that I wrote how Cat Temper’s latest album doesn’t disappoint and is a voyage through electric awesomeness. And I feel that I should be ashamed to lose my excellent written review for such a great release.. really it was great! Like a novel! Still I hope that these words over here are maybe enough to make up for it… if not; oh well maybe one day the real review would pop up? In the mean time I truly advice you to check this album out as there is no better temptation to give into than this one.. hell, you might as well write your own review about it!

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