Van Jack – Summer Electrohits Zero

Artist: Van Jack
Title: Summer Electrohits Zero
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient electronic experimental noise vaporwave Easley
Label: Houdini Mansions

Van Jack comes at you while delivering the summer music that loves the act of stomping on the ground like a confident dinosaur of the modern ages. It smashes the earth crust with every heavy step it sets and will ring the ears like a prominent drunken slur that simply won’t give up. Even while it wades through muddy bits, it has its strong nose up in the air like a enormous child of future vapourware that would never take a no for an answer.

The result is a case of fat electro vibes that sounds strong, slightly suffering an infarct, but going on forever with nothing in its way to make it change its mind. Yep, a lot of vague words over here, but when you hear the album you might very well confirm all of these observed things with your very own mind and senses.

These are the summer electrohits zero, the kind of material that you would expect to pop out of all transistor radios around the globe, providing the sound of colourful rays of sunshine and the smiling smiles of every person that it reaches. It will not go away until the utopia of happiness is delivered, which is as good as done within an instant, rising the roof of music as we previously have known it & cooling it up with the latently vibrant vibes of a fun invested future.

Acid infested baselines, vague vocals that order you to rise up and a flow of music that will sympathises the sound that is very much the needed thing of the nowadays! Everything is top notch over here. Steady like an elephant that can never be pushed over, this collection of tunes is the kind of mix that will pleasantly deliver you the vibes that makes you question if you’d accidentally swallows some empowering yet mind challenging drugs along the day.

It’s the kind of material that marks the highlight of what music had become and embraces it with full convincing confidence! With it we celebrate summer in any possible season of the year! Deliciously delicious and deviously good!
Hop on board before it walks all over you by stepping proudly out of someone else their radio!

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