All I Feel Is Yes – Are You Finished Yet?

Artist: All I Feel Is Yes
Title: Are You Finished Yet?
Keywords: rock dub krautrock neo-krautrock neo-psych neo-psychedelia power pop prog rock psych rock psychedelic Portland

All I Feel Is Yes and the single ‘Are You Finished Yet’ had been sitting in our music review request list for quite some years. Within those years I’ve heard the song many times and somehow always forget that I’ve heard it (as somehow the song title and project name never really got stuck in my head – the song itself however certainly does..) i would click it over and over again and would listen to it on repeat on various occasions as if it had just been send in. It never disappoints…

Every time when it spins in my ears I immediately think that it’s such a cool song and a happy vibrating tune. But somehow I never know what to write about it, so it will just stay in the waiting room for simply forever… it’s silly really has it been used, had been utterly adored, danced upon and even celebrated… But unfortunately for others (like yours) this had always been kept extremely private.

But as you can see, apparently today is the day that it had hit the right spot, as now finally words are escaping and a review (or something resembling it) just got pressed up into the internet. Whoohoo! It’s a miracle of some sort! I guess why it never gotten the rightful attention that it deserved was probably to do with the fact that it is a single & somehow chatting about a single single just doesn’t feel like it’s enough to chit chat an entire blog post about. But see? I proof myself wrong over here & feel that because I always accidentally come back to this song, the magical forces of the universe simply might want you to know about it too.

And yes, all normal music publications would probably talk at this point about the music, the instruments used, the style, the drums, the vibes , the vocals etc. But come on if you are here and you are that interested you should just use your own ears. I mean this tune had waited long enough to be presented to you, so see it a bit like a fine wine that had been aged perfectly in our sucky cellar & is simply now ready for your consumption. No questions asked! Just enjoy!

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