Eli Gras – Tasmanian Robinet

Artist: Eli Gras
Title: Tasmanian Robinet
Keywords: experimental dada electronic improvisation pop Barcelona
Label: laollaexpressrecords

The quirkiest loveable sweethearts that are captured on this lovely release by Eli Gras are the anti stress vibes for the generation of kind hearted generous people. It’s the material that feels as if we had sat down at an Hare Krishna settlement and munched our day away with the delicious rinsing honour of pure vegetarian audio cuisine. We are all rinsed and pure with a strange but happily odd glow in our twinkling eyes.

It’s quirky but fun, with constructive song structures that feel very close to the artist as she sets out to show her true feathers. With words and singing she polishes the chilled out electronic experimental pop songs like a guru that will deliver you the kind hearted material that you would expect to come out of the sweet hearted corners of an avant garde Japan. There is something very sweet about it but at the same time also comes across as if it’s not letting you in for the ultimate embrace. A thing of do look but do certainly not touch; as if the artist had been the music producing nightingale of the fairytale of the Japanese emperor.

It’s all very cute, almost kawaii in its own way and does it’s best to fill your senses with a humbling sounding joy. The only complaint might be that it’s a short release, but than again (just like sugar!) it’s probably the best to enjoy it without the risk of overdosing, after all getting too much of sweetness might make your teeth fall out! So enjoy it like you enjoy a tiny hand painted ceramic tea cup set; previously preserved and always held up with a little gentle pinky in the air!

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