Aquafinity ft Eliott b – AntiSocialMedia

Artist: aquafinity ft Eliott b
Title: AntiSocialMedia
Keywords: pop rock folk indie pop vaporwave Minneapolis

AntiSocialMedia by aquafinity ft Eliott b had been out there for some while now, slowly laying low in the back, introducing itself over and over again to the strangers that found this gem by accident. You could clearly hear that whatever the vapors contained surrounding this odd duo had an huge effect on the originality of this bizarre sounding little masterpiece. It’s probably never been written about before, maybe not even been shared on the many places that the social media phenomena has to offer, but why not? It really fits the sound of the now even though it’s what the hipster call ‘already an older release’. Yep, it was indeed the year of 2017 that it came out, it too had been in our mailbox for all that time, grotesquely ignored by lack of words or notable brain cells that could make somehow some sense of it all.

But now thanks to enough brain cells having abandoned ship of what was once a promising reviewer’s head, his album finally seems to make some sense. It’s an sincere wink to casual modernity, the trolling take that comes across as honest, yet aligned with (hopefully) a slight of self sarcasm. A thing that shines bright in the love ballad that pops up half way the album in ‘shore to shore’. It’s the result of an experiment, an original singer songwriter that teamed up with something that feels like a music making meme. A windows computer crashing while running low on electrodes to power up the right tempo of normality, which evidentially might actually explain why this album had been in the freezer for so long.

But don’t feel sad for Aquafinity or Eliott b as it is well known that the freezer at Yeah I Know it Sucks is pretty comfortable, filled with soft frozen pillows and likeable fish. Can’t really blame us for it sitting their a bit too long as rumour goes that these two have a thing for camouflaging themselves; maybe they need that skill in order to spy and emerge in sub genres of the underground, but in cold conditions they might have pretended to be an ice cube just a tiny bit too well. But when we unfrozen the couple and enjoyed the Indian references I thought that this album sounded actually more fresh than ever! You can hear humour mixed with actual honest realness fiercely engaging with the anti-technology.

There is something terrible real about this relation between wonky computer and the one and only Eliott b from Minneapolis. When he sings ‘don’t change’ you feel it in the back of your head; this ain’t no joke, this is troublesomely real and with this in mind (and the belief in spring!) I’m proud to share this album all over the antisocialmedia! Will you do the same? I would certainly hope so.. and if not now, maybe keep it in fresh In your freezer for when the right time comes:

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