Gabriel Bernini – Gabe’s Album

Artist: Gabriel Bernini
Title: Gabe’s Album
Keywords: easthampton los angeles rock alternative rock country rock glam rock new wave pop rock power pop singer-songwriter Spring
Label: Under The Counter Tapes

I love roberto benigni. There might be very few people who dislike him, although there might be plenty of them out there, especially looking impressive if you manage to tuck them away in one big conference room. But thanks to this love, any Benigni will become an intimate love child of pure adoration over here in my book. It doesn’t matter what you make or do, in my view there is simply no way that a Benigni will be able to do anything wrong.

Because the credit rate for Roberto Benigni is so high, even a cool down version of this surname gets the beneficial benefits of sheer love and praises! Luckily that’s why a certain Gabriel Bernini over here had plopped in with his very own album, lovingly been brought out on the flourishing diy label ‘over the counter tapes’. How cool is that? Oh that is super cool of course! The Benigni and Bernini must have similar roots as they both seem to flourish in happiness and fine loving quirkiness that is almost too big for an conference room. You can hear the enthusiasm, you can hear the love, the passion, the dedication of both these people in their works, but with Gabriel Bernini doing music it must be said that his album has even found a bit of a better place in my heart than the Hollywood crusher that is Roberto Benigni, cause the love for music that is keeping it real and low budget has much more charming interest than a cinematic expression trying to be a grown up Pinocchio. No offence Benigni!

It’s fun to double down on Gabriel Bernini’s enthusiastic feel-music and perhaps make even more room for it and evict Roberto Benigni almost out of the system of adoration, or at least give him a second seat and give the throne of honour and respect to Gabriel Bernini; the singer song writer and musician who will flourish in a satisfying musical future, one that we could all just enjoy with our ears and open hearts. The Gabe album over here is one of cheerful honesty, excellent music skills, close to sing-a-long put your lighters up and glitter-pants-on-classics that will make you feeling happy, good, great and positively positive.

It’s as if Gabriel Bernini has found the way to express real life into a sound of music that comes across as cheerful happiness, even though kicking down the doors of real life events that might not always be so easy to live through – yet, through Bernini’s happy clapping claps and cheerful guitar playfulness, swinging drums and simply said ‘poppy uptempo songs’ it’s all feeling like a parade that goes from one positive experience into another. A skill that is most appreciated as why would anyone wants to drown in failure or bleakness if you could turn things around and give it a happy vibe!

Just as Roberto Benigni could make the experiences of being a Jewish man with his little son tucked away in a concentration camp turn into a happy feel good experience, Gabriel Bernini puts everything in his personal life into an uptempo happy expression of music. Immigration and generations of sheer surname corrosion might make letters hop around, but the hidden family connection runs deeply within the blood and cannot be denied! Bernini and Benigni both have that bright outlook over them selves in their expressional art forms of their choice BUT to be fair, personally I love music much more (I fall instantly asleep while watching ANY movie) but the album here by Bernini? I heard it hundred me of times from start to finish and none of these sessions I had passed out to dreamland! I would just happily whistle along, clap my hands enthusiastically with the right tempos & feel free and content that someone like Gabriel Bernini puts his surname out there like a guarantee for feel good happy go lucky lightweight friendly vibes!

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