What is Strategic Tape Reserve?

What is Strategic Tape Reserve? Once I had been let into a building that connected with my memories of visiting for fun a Scientology centre. It was raining outside and back in the day there was time to kill and other people’s time to waste.

Once inside we got informed by a manic dead eyed person that this was not Scientology. That it was in fact a bit of a stretch and an offence to even think such a way. In fact me and my big mouth had regretted my little remark quite quickly as some people in white lab coats dragged me in a little room, forcible forcing me down on a single plastic chair.

I was impressed by their strength and clothing choice and got slightly excited. I wish I had worn such an white doctor’s coat so I could better hide this fact. But nope, quick as they looked fit, they noticed my ‘happiness’ straight away and said that they won’t be needing an e-meter to see that this was the place for me.

I looked around and checked out the room. It was plain, mushy and had flower wallpaper on the walls seemingly saved from the dreadful sixties. Next to this chair there was no furniture except from a tiny television on an box that was placed in front of me. The light got dimmed and one of the sexy aggressors that kept me on my chair said something along the lines of ‘look my friend, watch and observe his video and you will know all about Strategic Tape Reserve. This will be all you need to become a patron of this establishment, you might need to do follow up on these by buying our tapes, self help tapes, but you will love every single bit of it. We know this from when you came in searching for the truth.”

I was of course hopelessly intrigued and impressed by the strong handed person and the dominant words of knowledge. And the excitement grew only larger when the screen flipped on and the video tape started to roll out. I knew this would be brainwashing time, but I knew I would enjoy every minute of it!

Images where shown, words got spoken, people got introduced, and an entire new family got formed. One that still stands today and never leaves me alone. And I mean this in all realness; if I peek out of the window there are still some of the Strategic Tape Reserve people sitting in a car observing my every move! But it’s alright, I think if we hit the millionth visitor on our humble music blog we got promised a special course at the Strategic Tape Reserve VIP lounge to learn about music making aliens that started mankind and more interesting stuff!

I can’t wait to hang out with VIP’s like Whettman Chelmets (who obviously doesn’t remember how he got there in the first place…) riding around on the beautiful moduS ponY and eating chips from some golden plates with Mr and Mrs Chip Perkins!

Now why you might ask, isn’t that all a secret? Why am I telling you all this? Well thing is: there is no secret, this is all legit and open for all! Besides The tape that they showed me in the flower papered room is online and striking. It might help you to understand this organisation and also helps to join them even though you live far away from a so called Strategic Tape Reserve centre. It might miss out on the human touch and the chair experience, but with a little imagination you can get that reenacted in your own home. Here is the instructional video:

And here is a link to this fine organisation:

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