Lastbullet – Jupiter

Artist: Lastbullet
Title: Jupiter
Keywords: crossover prog rock instrumental post-prog post-progressive post-rock prog prog rock United Kingdom

This could be happiness?
The guitar sound?
The drums?
The bass?
Yep, they could be happiness.
You mean what they do with it?
Last bullet who?
Lastbullet lastbullet.
Never heard of it.

Well yes I actually did hear it.
And was it happiness?
What was?
I’m always happy when it’s the last bullet.
I’m not really happy around bullets.
Why not?
Well they are usually inside guns.
What is?
What an odd place to keep them.
Keep what?
Guess it’s better in there than in someone’s behind?

Could that not be some kind of happiness too?
A bullet up the ass?
Yes, why? Is it Not for you?
No such thing as happiness for me, no.
At least not this kind of happiness.
Yep, definitely.
Why not?
I just don’t do well with guitars, bass and drums or bullets.
Why not?
Well.. I guess I’m not a shooting musician.

Sure, but what about lastbullet?
What about lastbullet?
Did they brought you happiness?
They brought me music.

What kind of music?
I guess happiness music?
Well, yes probably.
Titles from tracks don’t lie.
Well, sometimes…
Besides I’m scared for the last bullets.
I praise anything that has bullets in them.
You mean bullet holes?
Certainly hope there is no bullet in your hole.

Such a strange conversation.
Why is that?
Well we seem to chat among ourselves.
Is it really?
It looks like it.
What oh?
Oh what.
What oh?
Yes, oh wat.

I guess we are going in some loop?
Nothing wrong with a loop.
You think so?
Apparently I do, yes.
What about a loop made by a rope?
You mean the one to stick your head in?
No, it’s not the kind of loop I was talking about..
where are we talking about?
LastBullet and happiness.

Do you think Lastbullet will be happy to read this conversation with myself?
With who?
With ‘you’ I mean?
After all they should have known that we are an absurdist kind of thing.
Are we?
Are we not always just telling the truth?
Reality can be pretty surreal, right?

Shall we talk about the music than?
After all they somehow expect a review of it…
Who does?
Hum… good question!
Probably Lastbullet…
Okay yes, we don’t want to get shot.
The music?
little bit distortion over there..
Sniff of salt?
Bit of compact energy while not going fully mental…
yes, lastbullet could use something to loosen up maybe?
Like what?
Muscle relaxers?
Maybe.. I thought more about mind expanding chemicals of some sort.
What sort?
Mind expanding.
Well, I think Lastbullet sounds just fine the way it is.
Yes I think Lastbullet is happy about it.
How do you know?
Track titles never lie!

Are there any more track titles?
In the world?
No in this little release?
Release of what?
Music by Bullethole..

You mean Lastbullet?

Lastbullet.. yes.
oh yes, there is ‘Laura’
What does that even mean?
Probably a name of a kind person.
Why do you think that?
Because the music sounds kind.
As if lastbullet wrote it in love or simply wants to show love to this Laura.
That is nice of Lastbullet.
Better lovely music like this than bullets..
Sure, thing.
Pacifists rule! Fist fights rule!
Well they rule too but still feels a bit like cheating..
but what about Laura?
Because it is deadly beautiful!
Aww, blush! That’s so cute!
Yes I know..
feels like a wordless love song.

Is there anything else we need to know?
About what?
Well maybe we can drop the other track title?
Which one?
Set the moon on fire..
set the moon on fire?
I don’t know.. it’s a pretty far stretch..
I guess Lastbullet might be absurdistic surrealists too.
It got distortion and something Spanish going on..
The track named set the moon of fire.
Maybe a bit gypsy style..
I don’t know about that..
Remember last time we mentioned gypsy in a pub we had to run out of it..
Sad but true..
so moon on fire?
I would say why not?
More light here on earth I guess.
We can make the night into a red glowing day time.
It’s nice and compact?
What is?
The music by Lastbullet?
Yes I guess so!
Can’t complain really..
Why is that?
Neither me or you want bullets in their ass..
aren’t we sharing the same ass though?
Yes I think we do!
Yes, it certainly is!
Shall we go to bed now?
I think it’s the best for everyone if we do..
Do what?
Go to bed together?
Yes, just you and me.
Let this conversation be whatever it wants it to be and set the link towards the music by Lastbullet free, free, free!

<KN & KN>

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