Merzlux X Unknown Artist – Digital Vladimir

Artist: Merzlux X Unknown Artist
Title: Digital Vladimir
Keywords: classical Antiquity
Label: Genetic Trance

You take this digital USB stick, shove it in your device of choice and hear what kind of remarkable things will roll out. It will be like a mental funfair, a game of pixels going on the loose, a happy ride of happy insanity, speeding around the corners, not avoiding lunacy but fully embracing it 300 percent. Craziness is the new brilliance, the antidote for the bizarre world that we are loving to live in now. The way to make everything semi normal again, while wiping out our flags of unpredictable brightness that would make us all feel like a kid on acid!

Digital Vladimir got it all in there, making your life function at the day to day 9 to 5 job into one that can’t be done anymore. A sheer brilliant case of advanced happy sabotage that will train your brain to get wrecked and love every single minute of it! It’s a work of high class world music for the masses, beeping and blipping like a runaway mail-order bride that wasn’t a damsel in distress but a secret agent that loved to spike your drink with mind altering cuckoo materials.

Brains will be dissolve as the new music will screw every bit of it up, retire the whole thing, shoot the big mega pixels all over it for an successful annihilation, leaving its happy victim smiling satisfied with some classy foam around the lips. Insert this and the ride towards the nearest lunatic asylum might be secured for you somehow. A luxurious place in which you could pretend play to be a cowboy or cowgirl and shoot imaginary things out of your finger tips!

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