Rhythmicon – Feedback Machine

Artist: Rhythmicon
Title: Feedback Machine
Keywords: electronic experimental feedback live United Kingdom
Label: Earthrid http://earthrid.com/

I bet when Rhythmicon plugged in the Feedback Machine it had no idea what kind of sound it would produce, what stuff it would create and no idea how things would be when they would roll out. Just like us new Rhythmicon listeners, the project would probably be surprised as it sounds nothing as most us would expect it would sound. I was going in with a helmet, earplugs and a little prayer hoping for the worst. But guess what? There was no screeching ear bleeding pain inducing harsh feedback noises popping out, but actual music. Holy shit! Actual music!

A balance of synthesised electro and something that was human and jazzy. Question marks all popped around my head, looks on confusion could be seen while staring at the reflection in the mirror! I wonder what Rhythmicon thought when they found out what the feedback machine would do; I bet they would do a happy dance, a little jump of joy perhaps… if I heard it well I could even hear these thugs happening no going into the feedback machine for utter transformation.

The instant enthusiasm couldn’t simply be contained as Rhythmicon used the machine two more times! Gaining an honest applause by an appreciative audience that somehow magically also appeared through the machine! Who invented this miracle of wonder? And how can we get our hands on it? Luckily Rhythmicon captured all the experiments together in a release as stored on the bright servers of the Earthrid label. A session well saved and worth the listen, as instead of being electrified by sheer shocks of feedback hiss; Extra extravagant music seems to flourish through this generator of sound and music. A thing that (if he wasn’t dead) Lou Reed probably would have all ears for!

There is even a voice to sing, one that covers an entire operatic dream of the grotesque order. Could this machine even lace this sound up with a theremin? The music became exclusively hypnotic, as if we stepped into a world of magical mushrooms generated by electronic arts. The question marks might plopped away after a while, but the music continued to screech out tones of turbulent excitements. Providing basically the answer to never assume that a feedback machine would be the keyword for painful indigestible noise, but that such a thing could actually be used for the greater goods of creating inspiring and pretty listenable music that are alive and well worth the entrance to your ears.

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