Jewels Of Shame – Negative Dialects

Artist: Jewels Of Shame
Title: Negative Dialects
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

Welcome in the warm depths of the underground, a place where crawling creatures hide deep into the sandy muddy layers to avoid the wetness of thunder and rain & hang out cozily among themselves in the wait for better times. Here they could make as much noise as they would like, they could embrace their darkest gloom and feel no shame about it. They can cozily share hugs and feel intensively warmed up by expressive droned up glow worms that would be poisonous to humans above, but will be cuddly among themselves.

their heartbeats will beat from close up as we sit silently among these well crafted creatures that hide away in the dark. It is a position in which it is easy to hold our breath and not make an sudden noise; as not to disturb these creatures in their natural habitat. IThis is because of course for our own pleasure and perhaps even scientific research, we would all be ears to hear them communicate through the finest cold sounding ambient layers that nobody in humanity could ever imagine to hear.

For sure they could be described as ghostly, but its the pleasant kind of ghostliness that these creatures seem to express themselves in. And if you stay with them long enough you might notice their pretty sounding fragilities being exposed, coming at you in a trustworthy way with tones of breakable emotions, all lightly done in melodic tones that are in dire need for your utter concentration and time.

We call them the Jewels Of Shame, even though hanging out among them doesn’t feel like an act of shame at all, but do feel as if we have found something of a treasure that shouldn’t be dug up by the general population, or actually by nobody at all. Just like the mummies in Egypt, but than even more obscure and special. It’s worth to visit them just through the recorded audio forms that Negative Dialects has to offer over here in the darker corners of the sold out Wormhole World releases. But whatever you do, don’t move, don’t make a sound or you might miss out on the music that’s been exclusively waiting for you:

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