Seffi Starshine – 月の卵

Artist: Seffi Starshine
Title: 月の卵
Keywords: electronic hip hop instrumental hip-hop dark ambient drone experimental edm lofi hiphop vaporwave witchwave Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

Lush beats, sensual ambiances, beautiful mellow melodies, relaxing atmospheres, movie-esque romanticism, gentle touches of the jazz avant garde, sweet sensations and after dark luxurious cocktail bars sounds; this might be a lot of things to say when I think of Seffi Starshine her latest album on Girly Girl Musik, but words like that are simply not enough to capture the delighted touching ambiences that this release is so fully absorbed in.

But why so serious? As 月の卵 is next to all these things also a great sounding labour of love that has young fun written over it. An aspect that many albums overlook the powers of. but are an huge sign of confidence, a notice of pure humanity that isn’t afraid to show all facets and feelings of life. Something’s that is not just the usual one sided affair that a lot of albums are usually infested with, but more an massive experiment of music making.

When writing about it, I found out that the tracks are from the early days of music making. Which might explain the freshness and the openness for wondering experiments music wise. You could hear the enjoyment in discovering the discoveries that come along with the discoveries of music creation. All aspects will get a kick, a touch, an exploration & all of these well kept takes are brewing with the sound of an artist interested in her own creations.

The result is one step of wonder into another, but instead of applauding cheerfully when a toddler starts to say words for the first time; the music making artist shoots out laser sounds out of the fingers, creates dance music with the elbow, embraces he ears with an simplicity that keeps the things innocent and severely fresh in the friendly exploratory entertainment playing fields.

It’s easy to be dragged into this album, as it’s an work of history, of self discovery, the birth of music with all its wonderful facets that electronic sounds have to offer. It shows that with the right soul and the best findings of sound true emotions can be captured, probably better communicative between soul and soul than an average conversation.

When I hear these tracks they feel like they are dealing with the facets of young life & that’s to me a helpful whirlwind of getting to know someone. But also just without all the emotional content out of the way, it’s a very happy friendly album that will be a lovely companionship for any sort of activity along your day! You just hear it and enjoy all the factors of young music life!–3

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