Diode Milliampere – Memento Mori Pt.1

Artist: Diode Milliampere
Title: Memento Mori Pt.1
Keywords: electronic chipmusic chiptune demoscene floppy disk fm synth minimal synth retrowave Chicago

If you didn’t noticed it before, I will gladly slap you the brilliant news in your face: Diode Milliampere is back! You remember him? How can anyone forget? He is the music genius that could combine his nerdy love for chip sounds with cats and pizza. The one and only man who got a sudden burst of almost mainstream recognition while steady sticking to his craft of making great danceable music and releasing them on the beloved format named the floppy disk.

His new adventure is certainly one that would do well with his fans, but also would have lots of potential steam to generate an entire new crowd of Diode Milliampere fans, wether they are humans, cats or cat human hybrids it will be as good as impossible not to feel these tunes that this artist had generated throughout the years & now had given the green sign to fly out like petite little chirping birds that are ready to go and use their own wings.

Just as previous works Diode Milliampere starts and finishes his beloved style with a certain cuteness. But not all too cute! See it as if the music is a young cat that could put its finger nails out in a playful way, while at the same time being all warm , friendly and fuzzy. The music certainly lets you stroke them, but also might work as a guard for anyone that isn’t into this special emotive kind of bleep sounds. Keep those people out of your life, as music like this should be even more irresistible to adapt and take in to a cat ladies him than an actual cat! Not that there is a lot of meowing going on within these tunes, or chirping sounds that will make you think of birds; but in general it all just has that animal pet-worthy kind of touch and feel to it which is kinda remarkable when you think of it being programmed on things that aren’t very hairy, soft or feathery at all!

Although it must be said that floppy disks on their own are utterly adorable and cute – that’s a fact! – so in a way Diode Milliampere found a way to make them even more lovable by giving them a heart and a soul the music way! It feels impossible to in fact talk about the music itself, but it feels alive and well, just out of the egg and ready to make little sounds that are all perfectly coming out in their beloved harmonies. There is nothing to hate as all is full of love, so please do check out this beloved artist’s memento mori out and make yourself and the artist as happy as a beeping humble bumble bee:

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