Naked Sweatshop – The I, Shinji Mixtape

Artist: Naked Sweatshop
Title: Episode 002: The I, Shinji Mixtape
Keywords: berlin electronic taurus soul afro-futurism experimental electronic glitch indie japanese ambient pop psychedelic Los Angeles

How could we have overlooked this pretty gem? The one that is laced with fancy finger snaps, bouncy kicks and warm friendly weirdness in the odd vocal department? What have we been doing with our lives stupidly ignoring this golden bit in music form? We must have been on drugs or some other kind of substance to not be immediately on the case of this superb cool sounding release as soon as it popped up on the 3th of may. It’s so cool and mind blowing! In fact it’s so good that I almost can’t believe it!

It got the juicy flavour of something that happens after a good night out, something to come home to when you have been walking the wet streets with dimmed foggy lights along the way. This colleboration between Klaas Von Karlos (programming, synths and arrangements) and the very amazing distinctive sounding Jinjabrew who is responsible for the vocals and a bit of guitar. Her voice and the electric eclectic music is like a match made in heaven; a very lovely miracle that’s just out there for everyone to see and hear & actually should be done immediately!

Where are their supporters, why aren’t true music fanatics flogging to this release? Did they not promote it? Are they too humble? Too afraid for social media and their inhabitants? Maybe just too bloody good?

I guess we at yikis might not be the best support out there, but at least we are gladly here to point this amazing release out! It’s so smooth and enjoyable. It feels as if its music for the night, made in an ultra relaxed mood and atmosphere which resulted in an equal pleasurable release that comes across as utterly laid back and spontaneous in its creativity. It’s so good and the artists probably had an attitude of just having an evening of fun in the studio, not concerned with what other people would think of it; which in a way shows their realness and makes this release one that feels more human than all those squeaky squeezed out breathless electronica productions.

To me this is perfection, everything’s at the right place where it should be, basses, rhythms, sounds, attitudes of not giving a f*ck while at the same time clearly being operated by talented people who certainly give f*cks. It’s an delight to hear these two and this chill out album that feels fresh, exciting and more innovating than any future björk album probably will be. I’m feeling it absolutely and am honoured to share it around on the Babylonian enterprises! Hear it and you will probably join my opinion; this is p e r f e c t! No joke! Gold for the ears and the heart!

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