Ray Kosmische – Present Present

Artist: Ray Kosmische
Title: Present Present
Keywords: ambient crane house records drone electronic experimental psychedelic ray kosmische roots soundscape Manchester

Ray Kosmische brought a stereo sensation to fly away in. Just as if you’d sat inside a rocket after it got a successful lift off while you secretly had sipped on some weird substance that wasn’t really made for your consumption. The engines clearly powered by stereophonic sensations are pushing you high up into the universe, they work extremely hard for your solid flight through a noisy unexplored world. One that doesn’t really seem to require a seatbelt to keep you seated, although there might be some moments that you might be automatically slip on the edge of your seat.

In this journey there is nothing to be scared off, but it is all unexplored material, so you might just have your eyes open and look around with an interest full of wonder. Things are all calm, but miraculously interesting. You might become used to this exclusive journey, one that goes far beyond any travels as done down here on earth, yet it easily gets familiar…a bit similar to astronauts that stay in outer space for month; they do not wake up every day in shock and wonder: wow, what the F.. I’m in outer space… Or so I presume!

But I guess, even those astronauts might not be able to bring Ray kosmische’s sounds on board to spice things up, to be used as fuel, or to simply help them out of their (it must be after a certain while..) boring situation. They should do though, as I’m pretty sure the combo of the real life space travelers traveling and the one that is generated by Ray Kosmische’s sounds is a pretty excellent one!

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