J_ade_ – Romantic walks to the middle of nowhere

Artist: J_ade_
Title: Romantic walks to the middle of nowhere
Keywords: alternative r&b electronic r&b/soul r’n’b alternative pop lofi London

Oh hello, do I got some nice music for you to chit and chat about? Well yes! You are in luck as J_ade_’s album over here is pretty heartfelt and not sucking at all. Let me talk you through it as I’m sure you are pretty excited!

The petite crispy music of J_ade_ instantly gave me the soulful shivers all over my body, this feeling got even bigger triggering wonderful things in side of me when the artist opened her mouth and suddenly started to sing her soul out; projecting it straight away in the inner bits for a real finger snipping sensation that feels ultimately sensual, devoted and haunting in a very positive way. The very strong warm tones, the soulful expressions are wrapping listeners around her fingertips just as easily as cotton candy around a little stick.

The sounds of music are truly fitting, making you feel like this is the place to lower your senses, let the warmth that this artist is charged with in & let her words glow you up from the inside out. Be happily possessed by her being in your head as she strongly lays out her inner expressions of beauty adoration, of falling in the trap that is love but still knowing that it’s worth the ride. From a music perspective nobody should have anything to complain either as this is so real, that it’s the material that shouldn’t be featured on this blog but on mayor players like Vice and Pitchfork; it’s so real and feel able. It’s the songs that come from the artist’s inner parts and come out as passionate bursts full of realness that feel impossible for me not to be touched by it. This is the expressional realness that the world needs!

J_ade_ places romanticism back on the musical map again, no chewed up production without feelings or a soul but an artist that opens up herself and has unleashed her heart to hit all the rightful tones in the name of love. And it’s just not only her ability to combine music with the soulful output but also plain and frankly; she has an amazing voice. You can still here it shimmering in the fields of insecurity but at certain times she let it escape, showing her enormous features full of potent potential and meaningful meaning. When she does this in ‘one more night’ it was like flowers suddenly opening up and fireworks being blown in the air; fantastic!

In ‘Lying on my back’ she shows tremendous skills just simply with her voice alone, she wraps it up all around her own vocal expressions, it’s strong and full of elaborating strength that is impossible to not be felt and be impressed by. I certainly hope that J_ade_ her music will reach a big audience, as it feels that this is the strong minded heartfelt romantic passion in music (with all its ups and downs) that there is a huge lack off in the nowadays.

In Kintsukuroi J_ade_ is restoring her broken heart and sanity with gold & the result is a healing process that is utterly audible and delightful. With the final notes of ‘Fade’ we can hear the drowned piano keys of hope and acceptance perfectly fitting the words. Hoping that the ex lover will never forget the experiences that they had, haunting this person like a demon that can never be faded away. The additional heartbeat that is laced within this work just underlines another realm of humanity to it all, as if J_ade_ has nestled herself deeply into your head and will never let you go… and why would you want to let it go in the first place? This romantic walk to the middle of nowhere is a perfect stayer!

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  1. yass! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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