Rita Braga – Bird on the Moon

Artist: Rita Braga
Title: Bird On the Moon
Keywords: diy lisbon lo-fi london pop portugal rita braga electronic folk garage rock indie pop other pop psychedelia ukulele Toulouse

Rita Braga her music makes me think of this story that was told to me as a child; about a girl who actually was a cat trapped in a human’s body. I can’t really say or explain why this is, but her music and voice seemingly fit this fable, it has a certain playfulness and sound to it that make me somehow think that it would be the music that ‘minoes’ (the name of the cat girl) would make if she was real, or at least would love to hear. The colourful tones of synths and the tone of Rita Braga meowing vocal style just seems very cat-like.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she would sit on fences , explores the neighbourhood gardens at night, walks around on top of rooftops while spontaneously doing instant gigs. Wherever she goes she spreads out her furry vibes with a feline attitude that also feels as if she is the real life cartoon character of fantasies, one that had decided to step out of a comic book to bring joyful colours to the greyness of everyday life. To travel the world and bring happiness wherever she steps foot.

On the album over here there is a whole bunch of things going on, from teaming up with special guests performances, to little winks to kraftwerk’s we are the robots, theatric cabaret moments, to moments that closely step in the light of legendary icons like the space lady. In all cases her music is coming across like a fantasy, full love and eccentric colourful playfulness that to me proofs that she is a predictable unpredictable artist with a cat-like attitude. She did not pull her nails or Hiss on this album once, so she must have made all of these in her perfect comfort zone!

When you listen to her album you will go on a lovely journey, to a place in which reality as we know it gets lovingly spiked up with something much more fantasy-like, with a certain warmness that is sweet like chocolate and eccentric like a dream that you won’t come across every day. She sings in multiple languages, strokes different sides of the musical platform and I imagine; licks her own arms clean! Her album is full of intriguing material that makes her world come to life and realities and fantasies become blurred into a new dimension full of adventurous cuteness. I wonder if Rita Braga has a tail… but she certainly has a take to tell!

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