[P.U.T] – We Are (br)others

Artist: [P.U.T]
Title: We Are (br)others
Keywords: doom metal drone electronic experimental industrial ritual ambient Galway
Label: Cursed Monk Records

Let’s jump into this oddly strong world of ass mockery, one that kicks, slaps and rubs it all in your face: your life will never be the same again! Say goodbye to your stable job and all that society had programmed you to do as all will be upside down and burning. But don’t worry the creator of it all is not crazy, it’s all under control; even though maybe it’s half on the edge of sanity, you can clearly hearing [P.U.T] being the stable force that can guide you on your new journey, one that comes down like a brutal fist in which you can hit the table and be totally immune for pain. It’s a gruesome sound, stale and hard like a warning sign that stares at troubles and makes it run out of the way!

You will have nothing to lose over here, only to gain if you are with the dominating sounds of [P.U.T], which is totally annihilating silence and peacefulness with a robotic punk mechanism that is like a brewing volcano ready to dissolve entire cities with its hot lava. The killer sound of mechanic industrialism and a voice that is raw like a fire is for sure one to kick you off the floor and will use your hair as a mop! There is something superbly energetic about it, one that feels like it’s the master that whips you out of your boring life and tells you to go and start a single handed revolution. Perhaps go out and burn ‘something’… be edgy, live life to be alive!

It’s injecting this unforgiving attitude that will make you feel stronger than drinking ten mega energy drinks in one go; your heartbeat might rise and the nerves might be going slightly mental; but once you give in to excellently angry music of [P.U.T] you will make everything kaput that had been bothering or even slightly irritating you for many, many years. With heavy guitars, super distortion, electronic banging bangers that don’t show their kind hearted spirit but ultimately fry yours in order to show no sympathy towards your (fr)enemies. No more mercy, all is about strength and controlled rage and bringing the now or never attitude.

At times the voice of the dominator reminds me a bit of Laidbach, but that makes it all even more awesome! Someone who can perform the sound of music songs in North Korea certainly has a high ‘you can do whatever you want’ feel of strength to it, an attitude that greatly feels explored here on [P.U.T]’s output! Next to destroying and hyping you up to avoid the allergic reactions that boredom can give you, the music also seems to bring some moments in which we could dance collectively. An happening that helps to unite with people of similar minds, freed by [P.U.T] from the shackles of the nine to five life and now coming together for an fury of the grotesque order.

Somehow I think there might be a lot of looting going on, houses might get burned as ‘fans’ dance upon their own destruction! If they rebuild every thing differently in the end is a doubt, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to destroy, be an uncatchable projectile all hyped up by this unforgiving bringer of psycho energy in which we all collectively could feel like we are (br)others! Or sisters!

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