Manu Louis – Cream Parade

Artist: many Louis
Title: Cream Parade
Keywords: electronic, Belgium

Hello, welcome at our humble music blog. We have been slightly busy, but still keeping it up thanks to being snowed in by lots of amazing music. It’s hard to dig out way out, but once we do (like now…) we hold up a very happy album of excellence in our hands! This Cream Parade by Manu Louis is such a one, filled with lunacy, crazy fun and all secretly dressed up in extra groovy music to make the lunacy be all nicely balanced out! Enjoyment for freaks shows and their admirers that like it funky and danceable! Let’s explore this album in words and sentences shall we?

Nothing sexier than a saxophone than the sound of a sexy saxophone. It doesn’t come as a surprising surprise that this is exactly the kind of thing this creamy creme de la creme of total creaminess will feed us straight from the start; if we now not all get naturally lubricated somewhere down below we might simply be not fertile enough to handle the rest of this album!
One that is released on the internet and has a track named internet on it; so now finally the internet itself gets the recognition that it deserves. Oh yes, it swings and wobbles around like a sulky silliness and of course get the French lyricism that only an France artist could come up with. For sure, the French are known for guillotines being used to chop off the heads of leaders of the establishment, but around here on yikis they are bloody well known for their funky electronic passionate outbursts. It might be next to baguettes and croissants one of the best things that are exported from the country. This parade of cream celebrates the internet that will bring you this irresistible happy dance music and of course us and our beloved bits of writing. Oh and you! The internet brought you too! Isn’t it amazing? Let’s masturbate in an union of pure joy just to celebrate all these lovely facts!

After that the album goes for ‘eface’ which sets a French word on the title, so expect more goodness from France, but also hear some funky horn section. It doesn’t matter if they are real horns or coming out of a digital machine; they will for sure blow your own horny horn & before you know it you would wish that you heard the sound of cork popping of a French wine bottle just to get you in the mood for all the flexible dance movements that this wants you to do.

Talking about internet, the cream parade also pokes fun at the concept of the data farm. A place that you and me and all other internet visitor are kept behind gates, are nicely pumped out of information, at certain times brought to the slaughterhouse or to be sold off to the big corporations. (Which might be a similar thing!) They don’t even need to feed us at the farm, but keep us in cramped profiles until we are ready to be shipped out through high speed cables.

A sad moment comes when it’s time for Manu Louis to musically discuss that his wife is leaving him for the prime minister. It got the smoothest horn sound to cope with the right amount of tears, it is so touching that I’m almost feel sorry for the artist. Luckily it’s not a long track, as otherwise the salty tears might just fall out of my own eyes and if they would touch the keyboard that I’m typing this on; there might be a slight risk of electrocution.

Instead it goes on in a track named ‘president’ which is to me (as a hopeless non speaking French person) hard to decipher lyrically what it is exactly about other than the president. I bet it will be a song that shoves the presidency in a negative light as there are very few tunes around that are positive around this subject. But to be fair with Manu Louis it might go the complete opposite way as this is an artist that swims (I think) in good humour, which might be dabbling in sarcasm .. in any case the music is groovy and cool, which is more meaningful tonne than any worldly opinion.

More fun comes when Manu has some enjoyment in the bizarre but funky ‘the screen’ song, which features his voice like a unmanipulated version of Napoleon XIV. He sings in English on a electrifying trumpet ticker that feels like it left some ideal space to wear a boa around your neck and be all fancy about it. The song is in English, but the words seems to be so random or improvised that you just be on some kind of cuckoo stuff to make actual sense of it all. I guess it’s about looking st a screen so much that you have become the screen; somewhat hinting towards the zombie generation that is addicted to screens and walk around on the screen brainlessly. But than again I’m typing this Kom a screen too so who am I to judge?

Internet’s Farewell is a sentimental goodbye song, something I would imagine being sung at the funeral as a sad but positive message, one that is attested by all who have known the internet, but also found some peace in knowing that it’s without pain now & we all could move on with our beloved lives as we did before we knew our deceased friend. But don’t worry Manu Louis isn’t gone, in fact he is very much alive, singing about recantation and wishing to become a carrot. (As you do..) coming back as plastic, with a reggae dub by baseline everything he wants to reincarnate as feels like a reasonable thing to be. Even if he really wants to underline that one day he will become a tardigrade!
But personally I think Manu Louis should actually stay whatever it is now as it’s crazy infective music is proper fun!

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