Keywords: electronic dark ambient drone experimental edm vaporwave witchwave Portland
Label: girly Girl Musik

Music that feels like a fresh breath that blows in your face, one that strangely opens up a special portal in which initiating sounds are coming at you for an undeniable invitation into another world. One that drags you into a cool blue/greenish underwater structure in which no other human had traveled before.

It’s like a surreal dream that is intensively going through the throat of mystery, one that goes for the circular motions on the sides, making you feel as if you are sliding down many mysterious tube like environments into more elaborate smokey spaces, zones in which an absolute all rounded heavy bass welcomes you for nice bumpy meetings with the force called gravity. It’s a beautiful thing that you can feel deeply inside your belly, as if you are in a fun fair ride of a true psychedelic kind.

Nothing is real’ was what the Beatles sung, but the music here creates a certain reality in which even the most unthinkable has been turned reality. If anything I feel that this world as created here with music is all oil based, as everything is moving in liquidised form in which you could see and hear what nobody else could have imagined before.

It’s as if we somehow passed through the mainframe of life and have now broken into the back door, going through the secret -previously unexplored- backstage areas that helps to support the life as we know it. It’s as if we slide through the secretive sides of the stage and see the backbone of how everything is made and done. It’s not the sound of wisdom but it’s the area in which without it, reality simply wouldn’t be made! In any case it’s an invitation you shouldn’t miss out on, an exclusive peek beyond the views of everyday life!

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  1. brokensilence034 says:

    I love it♥

  2. Cali4Type says:

    That is a beautiful poetic review of a piece I am extremely proud of thank u for your time and effort

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