Caffeinate – Rough Cuts

Artist: Caffeinate
Title: Rough Cuts
Keywords: electronic experimental idm dark electronic dark house experimental electronic glitch house United Kingdom
Label: Flamingo Vapor

It doesn’t happen a lot but when someone like caffeinate comes in to stab you in the ears in order to deliver some certain rough cuts, you better let the artist come at you and do its thing. Not only is he a great reviewer with a good taste and an excellent sense of humour; his cuts are as bold and sharp like a razor, clearly designed to cut through your boring day and splices it up with sound that are razorlike cool!

With the fattest badass bass and the tightest beats the madmen gives enough power to knock you (while you dance!) straight into the nearest emergency service. Caffeinate rams these well produced bangers in your ears with a certain lethal clarity that many high tech big studio based producers could only dream off. Wet dreams in which they wake up with the unfortunate task to clean and wash the sheets that they had wrapped themselves in. Even if they didn’t have dreams like this; they might simply go baloney from pure jealousy as they might know that they might be able to cut an onion, but excellent in Your face dancing music like this? Impossible!

Our humble friend Caffeinate simple slaps and stabs these beats in the face, claps it around in full frontal view while he manically provides the wickedest badass bass lines like only the coolest person in the world could do. His hit ‘arbeiten’ that sits nicely in the middle of this release will be the perfect friend for any commuter going to work; with its German lyrics and fun loving slapping boldness it makes the trip into one in which your mind happily fantasises about throwing the job providers of a 5th floor balcony; a thought that brings a smile to anyone’s face no matter how much they love or don’t like their work.

Caffeinate’s super cut will make the day into a brighter one as it laughs with you and not at you; another element of music producing that many producers simply might murder for. But for Caffeinate his genius mind it doesn’t seem to be hard work, he drops it like it’s nothing; cutting its way through into excellence that is way cooler than any sunglasses wearing polar bear! Confidence and big middle fingers raised in the air; Caffeinate shows everyone what big in your face industrial music is all about, as he rubs it in by dropping the nastiness that will elevate any dark club into an hot boiled rocket! Making body’s dance while their spirits move together above them; the best raving outer body experiences that you will ever be able to see!

For the last final victorious victory the producer spices the vibe up with an very vibrant upbeat hard bit of unforgiving coolness that simply can’t be ignored. Adding some mysterious atmospheric darkness to the delivered force of beat and bass extravagance! If you thought that the Arnold’s terminator was bad ass; you obviously haven’t dealt with a ‘Slow Burn’ by Caffeinate before! What a brute force, what a great in your face bulging amount of uplifting energy, what a cool flair! Nobody likes to be stabbed, but if it’s done by this producer to deliver those rough cuts; everyone will be voluntarily jumping in front of this cutting edge -to the point- badass of an producer!

To make it even more tougher and cooler, these rough cuts are not there to ruin your beauty, but are perfectly contained on a wonderfully good looking cd! You better get it before it gets you!

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