Noodle Soup

Hello, welcome at the most biased music blog ever. Even if we aren’t talking about music you might notice that we just praise what we like. With this post we hope that some endorsement deal will go through, a sponsorship by a special kind of food..

I’m not a big food lover, as you could imagine when you place food and a intoxicating liquid beverage on a scale, the food will be ending up in the air and the drinks one will be in no time swimming somewhere in my body. It’s like a swimming pool in there and I’m sure the parasites are having a party within it! But let’s focus on whatever I wanted to let you know.. not that any sane person would care; but I presume that anyone being here is not really all ‘there’ so it’s all good! … oh.. oh yes! Focus!

I wanted to tell you about one special kind of food that I do like. Maybe you have heard of it. I guess I like it because it’s mostly liquid too.. and maybe with the potential amount of MSG within it, also not the right thing to spoon up by the health freaks.. but damn, maybe it’s those taste makers or anything else in there that makes me love this stuff so much… I can’t stop eating noodle soup. Not just any noodle soup but these Mama Tom Yum noodle soups from Thailand.
My goodness if they weren’t so tasty I would simply put the content in a syringe and shoot it up!

I love that stuff so much that they come in by a big box thanks to the kindhearted sister who knows what to give to the hopelessly addicted noodle soup lover & so it basically functions as breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack! If I die and they would check my body for reasons why it collapsed, they would have probably an mortuary full of watery spice! And of course some noodles here and there! They going to have a field day to clean that all up! … oh… oh yeah: focus!

So yes apparently I love the mama tom yum noodle soup so much that it became an album. One that you could hear for free as it’s been released on the wonderful experimental netlabel Dog Park. Now it would be really shameful to just blatantly write about it over here as if I didn’t make it myself, but because no sensible blog or magazine would probably want to give it some kind of write up or love, I’m stuck here on the sucky empire that you are on right now. Congratulations to yourself; a massive round of applause to you!

But let’s not go too far by reviewing this album or saying anything nice about it, but instead make it all about this noodle soup. How do you make it? Oh there are tons of variations, but let’s just go for the easy one. You boil some water, grab a bowl, grab the package of noodles, open it up, rip open the two mini bags containing the ingredients and spices, place them with he hard block of noodles, add the hot boiled water, let it sit there for a minute or so, maybe stir it a bit & voila! Enjoy!

The flavour, the spice, the colour of the water, the hotness of it all; its like a kick in the guts, an eye opener for all who just came rolling out of bed, a fist to the head before attempting to go back to bed again! It’s just perfecto, if it ever comes to facing dead on dead-row, i know that mama tom
Yum noodles would be my last meal before it’s time to say goodbye. Myumm!

But words are just words… visualisation is everything! So here is a video of a volunteer eating my favourite noodle soup, hope it will make your mouth drool:

If your mouth started to drool, you might as well get some free noodle soup over at the following link:

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  1. brokensilence034 says:

    I love noodles too♥

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