Das All – Don’tfuck

Artist: Das All
Title: Don’tfuck
Keywords: experimental, abstract, techno, lobit
Label: sub65

Don’t Fuck by Das All is banging in all the right consensual ways. A feast of cheerful minimalism at first, slowly building up for a intoxicating rhythmic banger with the right pulsating bass sounds, kicks and lobit freakiness.

It doesn’t make you want to fuck with Das All, but does make you feel like you should dance with Das All. But isn’t screwing also kinda similar to dancing? Does it burn the same amount of calories? We should ask a biology teacher. But of course there isn’t one available at the moment.

But who cares, anyway? As who could resist the woolly wobble sound and those tightly done shakers moving in and moving out as if it’s on a satisfying mission in which no f*cks are given? I mean we can have intercourse with Das All or dance with the music; but we might as well spend time listening as the artist is clearly giving some mixed signals over here… I mean first it’s a no, but than suddenly it’s a yes. And than a no again…

The moment that Das All gives the green light to go ahead with the actual hanky panky business, it is still done in style and extreme comical sounding minimalism. How sexy is that! This comes as a little swinger of repetitive penetrative action that feels silly and light; there are no bad vibes while fucking with Das All, as Das All is basically mind fucking you happily instead.

The whole confusing ordeal gets even a bit more cuckoo when Das All noted that Das All doesn’t wanted to get fucked in the end. Leaving us confused listeners (who had grabbed our chances) feeling utterly ashamed, slightly regretting the motion of quickly taking our chances earlier on. Luckily Das All doesn’t seem to be bothered and happily cooks up a minimal freak show that does not disappoint.

I guess because through magic Das All moves us to a place named Zero dimension, which is full of lasers & bit like bass to keep the situation hot and pounding. It’s as if the techno Viking had been marching in space generated by an old pixelated retro game.

More dominating mini kicks and fun comes with the section in which Das All let us all know that the artist has a knall. Personally I don’t know what a knall means, but it feels as if it means that it had a banger on its hands. The sound is very smooth and sexy over here, intimate intimidation that feels nicely detailed in the minimalistic hypnotic department.

Last bit on this free release goes for a moment depicting 30000 trillion years before Christ, which feels like an personal account as done in the Germanic language, still coated in a minimalist way, but severely slow, backwards and more aiming for an ambient flavour. I guess whether Das All does or doesn’t like fucking; it does know that it has special knowledge of history! Oh and an intoxicating style of detail that even though it’s encoded in lobit, sounds pretty top notch and high in detail. Free download from over here:

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