Feyla – Cracked Earth


Title: Cracked Earth

Keywords: alternative ambient experimental glitch experimental-electronic Toronto

I fell through the earth and all that I actually wanted was just listen to some music and write a little nifty report about it. But no, there I was falling.. falling through sounds, but suddenly I got saved! Well semi saved as I was rolling around and pushed in all kind of directions. Let’s say I was getting bumped around as if I was just a ball inside an old fashioned pinball machine.

It was alright, some banging action that was of a friendly origin that was simply saving the fall and kicking back some sense by serving up some pretty electro acoustics along the way. Material that i suspect specialised audio snobs would have kept for themselves like some kind of privileged thing, but are here dropped in the middle of an popular arcade of flickering lights and semi intelligent electronic pop tastiness. Life is not too bad when things are locking up in a good combination I guess.

that’s what happens when the earth is cracking up and you fall in one of the cracks when you least expect it. Synthesisers are functioning as the glitter & glamour and enthusiastically electronic programmed beats as the enthusiastic kickers that want to beat some sense back into you. It’s a recipe that the big boys in the IDM field for their fame and glory from, but Feyla’s music seems to be more punk orientated and less for the ‘oh let’s sit down and stroke our chins and look intelligent while we listen to music’ others.

It’s just two tracks, but I guess that is also in line with a luxurious thing; don’t give too much, as less the more it’s appreciated! And who doesn’t appreciate a good fall through a crack of the earth &ja human pinball experience:



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