Java Dreams – Java Dreams

Artist: Java Dreams
Title: Java Dreams
Keywords: electronic experimental pop Munich

Java Dreams is like something you have heard before yet entirely different. It got that underground pop feeling that Little Dragon had before making the move to go above ground, the bass of mutated child between mister oizo & a Bogdan Raczynski and the showmanship of an out of the box performer that you would bump into when you go into the alleyways of a dodgy David Lynch movie.

But than again it goes all folky like a cute gamelan performance with an self insight that feels as close related to something you would find on an obscure Japanese label in which words and experimental music go hand in hand to create some light in the niche. There is also a bit of James Blake and a sniff of authentic hand clapping that goes well with the tropical effects so generously generated by fat sounding synths and bouncy drums.

There are the crispy bits of semi experimental electronica, the fatness of soulfulness in voice, the buildups of modern day trance hits and it’s like a colourful combo that makes you feel that within just these four songs there is basically for everyone something. Even the voice of Java Dreams can go and twist in many ways, like a chameleon.. yet it’s a distinctive one so you might either be into it or not, but considering the whole togetherness of all that makes music interesting and vibrant I believe there is very little not too love over here! It’s in fact more like a celebration of goodness.

All these elements within Java Dreams are like a mix that can only be described as the catchy line of that famous ‘the sound of music’ musical. “These are a few of my favourite things” but than added with another layer of self discovery, as Java Dreams is not only mix and matching all these things together in one, it also a brand new refreshing thing on its very own. Why not check it out before it gets hijacked by massive amounts of hipsters that will obviously love this material if it will get served to them by a tastemaker, popular music magazine or important radio station! It got all that potential, but trust me; you’ll probably just heard it over at our humble blog first and foremost! Get it while it’s still hot! It’s even on vinyl, so you know that Java Dreams knows that the Java Dreams hype will kick off soon!

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