Xqui – Heart EP

Artist: Xqui
Title: Heart EP
Keywords: experimental, avant-garde, field recordings,lofi, noise, United Kingdom

You know what will make my hear beat? Well yes the pulsating triggering things, but next to that it’s also ticking excitingly when there is a new Xqui release out. So when the automatic mail person dropped by to point towards a brand new Xqui my heart was beating like a boxer in the ring. This was indeed something to live for! It was so beautiful! Like an epic choreography of cultural delight; something very light weight, like a feathery tutu that graciously dances on its own throughout an entire performance. I listened to these tones, how they moved like the conceptual movements of the dark and white swan & thought how wonderful it was. The only shame was that my heart was beating so loudly from all the excitement that it almost made it impossible to hear the beautiful work that do gracefully got played out in my own ears by Xqui..

Suddenly my heart beat stopped but a miracle happened! The miracle was that even without a heartbeat I was still functioning. In fact I felt very alive as I listened to the second track on the release. Halfway I had to ran out of the listening room as I thought that the tea kettle was fluting at me. It wasn’t the case, so there might be a chance that this was a fun little prank well played by Xqui! That’s what experimental musicians do; they have a good sense of humour and aren’t afraid to use it too!

But this new release isn’t about jokes, as even though my own heartbeat had stopped earlier on, it also got resurrected when Xqui’s heartfelt with Lark started to play. The blood vessels could clearly be heard having a hard heart time pushing the blood through the old ticker. I believe Lark is the one who provided the French words in my ears as Xqui treats them kindly with beautifully intense appearing and disappearing drone bits. I think Lark is a great name, never heard of it before, but it proofs that we are never too old to learn a new thing. Maybe I should start to pick up my French lessons too… whoops! At the end of this track my heart stopped again… well I suspect it to still go on, but it feels as if it’s gone through some kind of special audio therapy… or wait? Is it maybe the experimental music by Xqui playing tricks with me again? .. great!

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