odd person – the flowers of arcadia

Artist: odd person
Title: the flowers of arcadia
Keywords: experimental ambient drone electronic new age noise Virginia
Label: Ingrown Records

I was very confused at first. I’m always slightly confused but when hearing the start of this pretty release of music I was even a notch more confused than normal, the solid reason was that before it had started to play I had been sitting next to an open window listening to the happy sound of early morning birds. Now when the music on this release by odd person started to play it was as if it slipped in a 3D layer of the exciting birds singing moments. Slowly but surely overtaking the normality of the outside world and sucking me in as a listener towards a pretty lush world in which kind and gentle electronic music goes hand in hand with the wonders of nature, the kind in which weather circumstances go into the tropical fields, exotic feathers are parading around from tree branches and little lively life forms are busy occupying a kind jungle of friendly excitement.

Even though nothing might come as a huge surprise with open realms of wonders like these, it still feels like one when the music suddenly drops us under the beautiful realm of a splashing waterfall. It’s a beautiful moment in which we can celebrate the mysterious tropics and infinite sound of freshness. This comes across as the sound of life’s water supply, sweetly decorated with gentle bigness in repetitive melody form and an appreciative pulse that feels as if it’s representing the heartbeat of Mother Earth herself. There is nothing odd about it, but more a case of wonderful awesomeness. It’s great when music conveys such an audio visual picture that takes us all to an exciting place in the middle of untouched nature.

To hear the exciting sounds of actual wild life that isn’t captured in the environment of a locked cage in a zoo is reason to be enthusiastic. You can guess what these life forms are as they swing from tree to tree all happily along the bright synthesis music that lovingly fills up the cleanest air possible. People must make sure that rainforests likes these will never fade away, Yet it feels very safe to visit this one as presented by our odd person as our trusted guide. With engaging rhythmic precision this expert shows us the way and walks us through melodies that will not just compliment the environment if prettiness, but also warms our hearts with hopefulness along the way. Seriously what’s not to love over here? Even the birds outside my open standing window seemed to fly in closer range; probably just as curious about this exciting world of hypnotic natural sounding electronic music. Beautiful!

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